July 14, 2024

5 Exciting Shows to CatchUp on GOtv Stream

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Have you ever been fascinated by the dynamics of an inter-racial marriage between African and white couples, or held captive by a riveting drama series that slowly unravels a murder case, or been wrapped up in a romantic drama comedy that explores the midlife crisis of long-term friends?

Here’s a curated selection of five shows that promises to keep you entertained and engaged, wherever you are, all On the GO with the GOtv Stream app.

Nwunye Bekee

Nwunye Bekee dives deep into the thrill and challenges of interracial marriages between Igbo men and their white brides. This reality show promises to leave you entertained and exposed to the beauty of marriage as a tool for defying racism. Still in its first season, catch up with the episodes on your GOtv Stream app.


Aminuallah follows the story of an enterprising young man who is determined to make his parents proud. But his resolution hits a stumbling block when he reunites with his childhood lover, Aimana. Can he overcome the challenges confronting his romantic life while still maintaining his desire for success? Catch up with the first season of this Africa Magic Hausa original drama series on your GOtv Stream app.

Seduced to Slay

Shortly after moving to Georgia to live with a friend of the family, a couple’s life takes a turn after a physical change results in one of them committing adultery and eventually murder. This is followed by a series of manipulations to cover up the crime as the Police are tipped off on their trail. Catchup with this investigative series on your GOtv Stream app for a suspense-filled show.

The Best Man: The Final Chapters

If you loved The Best Man and The Best Man Holiday, you definitely do not want to miss out on The Best Man: The Final Chapters! This series follows the story of long-time friends: Harper, Quentin, Lance, Murch, Jordan, Robyn, Candace, and Shelby as they navigate the midlife challenges of marriage, parenting, health, romance, work, and identity. Catch up on the romantic comedy series on your GOtv Stream app for an entertaining watch.

Bursted in Bangkok

Tourist Police were called to intervene in a restaurant brawl involving a drugged British tourist who has no idea where he is or what he has been doing. However, from investigations, operatives of the force discover a ring of drugdealers on Pattaya’s walking street. Catchup with episodes of this adventurous series on your GOtv Stream app.

To enjoy these and other exciting content on your GOtv Stream app, stay connected or upgrade your GOtv package. Download the MyGOtv app or dial *288# to stay subscribed.

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