July 14, 2024

A Weekend To Remember with Comedy, Family Drama, and Love Quests on GOtv

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The feeling of love, laughter, and extra special family moments is still in the air. Make this weekend one to remember with indigenous shows that will leave you on the edge of your seats reeling with laughter.

Get familiar with and stay hooked on these special movies and shows on Africa Magic on GOtv.

Enjoy our best picks for the weekend;


Ambition and determination take center stage in this drama as one man searches for his identity amidst various obstacles. After a coma, Abu Mansur is diagnosed with retrograde amnesia, awakening to a mysterious family. He tentatively embraces them but after finding a cryptic file that unveils hidden secrets, he embarks on a quest for truth and peace.

Buri airs at 7:32 pm,  on Saturday  24th February Africa Magic Hausa GOtv Supa+ CH 3

Lagos; Sex, lies and traffic

This movie X-rays Lagos in three words, sex, lies, and traffic. In the spirit of a true Lagosian, Deji, the poster boy of Lagos politics makes the costly mistake of mixing pleasure with business. He gets entangled in an affair that threatens to end his career in politics and his marriage and when his wife decides to take matters into her own hands all hell breaks loose.

Tune in at 10:30 am, 25th February on Africa Magic Family GOtv Supa + CH 7


This show follows the life of Sesan, a bright young man with a growing obsession with becoming rich. He leaves his hometown, Agbula for Lagos with his best friend, Folarin, to make fast money through an advanced type of internet fraud, “Yahoo Yahoo”

Sesan and Folarin make it big and live the good life for a short while until tragedy strikes and Sesan has to go back to the hometown to lay low and out of sight. He decides to turn a new leaf but his past hunts him down and makes him pay.

Kadara airs every weekday at 6:30 pm on Africa Magic Yoruba on GOtv Supa CH 2

Grandpa Knows Best

Family drama is spiced with comedy in this household as Grandpa gets slay queen  Naya pregnant and she moves into the family house disrupting the norm. Heads butt when her mother Aunty Ramota makes demands to move in with her. Grandpa watches helplessly as his life changes and more family drama unfolds.

Grandpa Knows Best airs at 8:00 pm, Saturday 24th February on Africa Magic Family GOtv Supa +CH 7

Crazy Kind Of Love

Love truly makes one crazy in this drama as an American returnee moves back to Nigeria with plans of settling down. He meets a younger spinster and falls in love with her but she does not believe in love and finds him unattractive. He tries all the love tricks up his sleeve to make her fall in love with him but she seems to tighten up her walls.

Will his true and crazy kind of love prevail? Find out at 7:00 pm this Sunday on Africa Magic Urban, GOtv Supa CH 8

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