July 14, 2024

A year after Alao Akala’s death, family fights dirty over estate

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A scandalous crisis is currently rocking the family of Late former Governor of Oyo state, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala and barring unforeseen circumstances, this will open unhealthy cans of worm in a not too distant future.

The situation which has pitched members of the immediate family against each other, is an aftermath of revelations emerging after the burial of the late Alao-Akala, when it was discovered that he died intestate, leaving no legal will behind.

The major reason for this imbroglio is access to the vast estate of the late influential governor who is know for his huge taste for luxury and wealth.

The unfolding ugly scenario, investigations revealed shows that the estate of the deceased has become a subject of contention between family members.

In a letter sighted by our correspondent, dated 16th August, 2023, signed by Dipo Olasope SAN., and addressed to the duo of Kemi Alao-Akala and Olamide Akala, it was stated that “Letters of Administration over the estate of the Late Alao-Akala was ILLEGALLY obtained by the duo of KEMI and OLAMIDE, to the exclusion of TOYIN, being the first child and who by law should be one of the administrators, except she declines to act”.

*While TOYIN who is widely known as the first child of late Alao-Akala has been sidelined in the scheme of things, OLAMIDE, her mother, two other siblings, step-mother KEMI, who was first lady during the tenure of Alao-Akala as Governor and her son, OLAMIKUNLE, are working in unison to appropriate the estate of the deceased among the six of them, thereby disenfranchising other legitimate children of the former governor from benefiting from the estate of their late father, according to the letter from the law firm of Dipo Olasope and co.

The letter also revealed that KEMI and OLAMIDE, after approaching the probate registry of the Oyo state high court, Ring road, Ibadan to process the illegal letter of Administration, without the consent of  Toyin who is the first child of the family, dealth wrongly and illegally with the assets of the ex police man turned politician.

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