July 14, 2024

Adron Homes announces 50% off on all it’s properties to media partners nationwide

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…Gifts Media partners Car, Apple Macbook, Apple Iphone as appreciation 
By Solanke Ayomideji Taiwo

The African giant property firm, Adron Homes in it’s usual bid to uplift Nigerians has announced fifty percent off on all it’s properties across Nigeria for media partners on Sunday 17th of December 2023.

The Group Managing Director, Aare Adetola Olaniyi Emmenuelking made the announcement during the media parley and end of the year party organised for over 200 media companies in Nigeria.

The announcement was borne out of philosophy gesture of Aare Adetola EmmanuelKing to journalists to get their own properties while doing what they believe in which is keeping people informed about happenings around the world.

During the party, the first runner up was presented with a Toyota Camry, while the second runner up was presented with an Apple Macbook, then third position was given an Apple Phone to encourage their consistency and to gear up other media partners to enable them promote the brand across their social media platforms.

Also, Aare Adetola Emmanuelking announced the theme of Adron Homes in the year 2024 which is “We are the Strongest” to the media partners after noting that the company will maintains its level of integrity and delivering of incredible housing units to it’s customers at affordable prices.

In the same vein, the Group Managing Director reitarated his commitment to the welfare and promotion of the media partners through seminars, workshops to build them personally and improve their profession in line with the digital world.

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