Alerzo Launches ‘Veedez’ – A Bookkeeping, Inventory Management App For Nigerian MSMEs

Alerzo Limited, Nigeria’s leading business-to-business e-commerce platform, has launched Veedez, a business management app designed to support micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with easy-to-use bookkeeping and inventory tracking systems. 

The Veedez app, designed to support small business owners such as retailers, freelancers, creators, will help them record and track inventory, send invoices, receive faster payments by keeping account of receivables, sending reminders to owing customers; and access valuable insights essential to growing their businesses.

With the new app, business owners can save time, get paid faster, and manage their business better and stress-free from their smartphones. The Chief Executive Officer of Alerzo, Adewale Opaleye said Veedez will enable MSMEs to stay on top of their business by aiding effective store management activities and providing insights needed to make informed business decisions.

”With Veedez on their phones, MSMEs can easily create and send professional invoices to customers in seconds, record and receive payments for goods from customers instantly through any preferred payment option, including cash, card, POS or bank transfer. Ultimately, Veedez will increase the business management skills of these business owners and help them drive business growth by providing them with vital information and insights needed for scaling of their businesses,” Opaleye said. 

According to a survey conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics and the SME Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), there are tons of challenges clogging the growth of the MSME sector in Nigeria, despite contributing almost 50% to the country‘s GDP and responsible for employing over 86% of the total national workforce.

For instance, many MSMEs still use traditional methods i.e. pen and paper, to monitor their inventory and bookkeeping, which is inefficient, often error-prone, and easily misplaced. As a result, these business owners are unable to consistently track sales and understand their business performance.

The Veedez app addresses this challenge by helping MSMEs improve visibility into their business by digitally managing available stocks, sending invoices, tracking transactions, and gaining insights into their business performance directly from their smartphones. 

Opaleye noted that the Veedez app reinforces Alerzo’s mission of using technology to transform local businesses, and the company will continue to support small enterprises with the right digital tools. 

Veedez app is free and currently available for download on the Android and iOS app stores.


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