ALLB Osun State Command is doing wonderfully ~DBG

The Deputy Brigadier General of The African Lads and The African Lasses Brigade Nigeria & Overseas, Mr. Yomi Akinsola has commended the Osun State command of the organization for doing wonderfully well in all ramifications.

He said this during the valedictory service in honour of the retiring Brigadier General, CSP, Oni Odunlami Rtd. at Holy Trinity African Church Oke Afo Ikirun.

In a statement released by his spokesman, Senior Assistant Brigadier General (SABG), Olawale Rotimi said the state is doing wonderfully well and thier effectiveness made thier chairman the best among others in 2021.

He said, “I have seen the reason why my spokesman is full of intelligence and trust worthy because he is from Osun state and Ikirun precisely.”

“I really appreciate the Brigadier General because i learnt so much from him and also the Osun state command also learnt from him. As you are retiring , we still need your support and your input.”

Akinsola promised good synergy between the state commands and the National when he assumed office as the 10th Brigadier General.

Akinsola now charged the members of the state commands to be more hard working and be a good ambassador of the organisation.

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