July 14, 2024

Assetrise Ltd Creates Lifetime Opportunities For Civil Servants, Policemen, Soldiers on Self Sufficient, Better Life During Retirement

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To make life easier for retired civil servants, military officers and policemen, the management of Assetrise Limited has created a Lifetime Opportunities programme that would enable pensionable officers and civil servants lives self sufficient, better standards of living as they bid farewell to everyday working.

According to the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Assetrise, Rotimi Ojamamoye, in most cases, retirees are turned to useless members of the larger society, most especially as their pensions are scantily paid. Many of them turn out to be beggars while some lucky few ones resort in driving commercial vehicle at old age or depend solely on their children, which may not exist for long.

To guide against such unfortunate occurrences or circumstances, Assetrise Limited laid out this noble, respectable and more reliable form of life after retirement strategy with the Palm Rich Estate and Palm Fortune Estate.

The innovative ideas of these two fantastic estates lies in its lifetime chanced affordability of owning a home and at the same time, owning a palm tree farm. These will go a very long way in bringing the much anticipated dignity and succour to any civil service or military retirees.

Palm Rich Estate located at Ketu, Epe, Lagos and Palm Fortune Estate at Ado-Odo, Ota, Ogun State, are Africa’s Premium Economy viable smart city and pure self sufficient cities that has quality education facilities for the retirees children, 24 hour electricity, recreation and sporting centres for their exercises and generate income from agriculture and food processing, it is the most dependable retirement plans for all.
Tucked right inside these estates are massive and very expansive acres and hectares of land dedicated for palm tree cultivation which would start yielding it’s commercial fruits just after three years of planting. This connotes the fact that as the retiree is living in his or her own house tucked inside the Palm Rich Estate or Palm Fortune Estate, he or she would also be commercially and economically viable, active and self reliant.

Every household consumes about 96 litres of palm-oil annually and we have 24 branded vegetable oil in the market which each brand contains 75 per cent Palm Oil.

With PalmRich Estate,you can explore the evergreen potential of Oil Palm tree farming and strategic land ownership.
You earn from Oil Palm tree farming while your land appreciates in value over the years as you decide to sell or build on your appreciated land.

Alaro City,Ejirin Waterside, Isimi lagos Estate,Yaba Tech, Epe, Epe Resort and Spa, St. Augustine University

Therefore, it is quite obvious that this is a great opportunity for Soldiers, policemen and civil servants to catch up on this dynamic offer from Assetrise Limited and harness their chances as retirees to avoid being a nuisance or beggar after their long years of service to their country. The two locations of these estates are great and this is for the fact that both Lagos and Ogun States are, arguably the commercial nerve centres of South Western Nigeria even as Lagos remains the commercial heartbeat of Nigeria. So, having a link with Assetrise Limited as a retiree to obtain landed properties within the Palm Rich Estate and Palm Fortune Estate will forever stand you out as a visionary with excellent mission.

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