Big brother Naija #BBNAIJA has been on the news lately because of one of the most popular housemate #Laycon whom most people, especially his non-fans have called names due to his unreturned love for another housemate, #Erica.

Laycon was Erica’s best friend initially, they were always together before Erica developed romantic feelings for another housemate #Kiddwaya.

Things started falling apart for Laycon especially because all indication show he had fallen in love with Erica who was constantly with #Kiddwaya, doing all sort of things.

It’s pretty hard for Laycon to get over it because Erica keeps coming to him, giving him hope only to return to Kiddwaya again, dashing his hopes.

The latest gist happened yesterday when Erica was announced as the new head of house, she shockingly chose Kiddwaya as her deputy after She and Laycon had an agreement that if anyone of them gets picked as the Head of House, the other will be picked as deputy, as explained by Laycon.

Things went really bad for Laycon, he was feeling down and some housemates were seen talking to him.

It  now feels like Laycon has been placed under a love spell or Erica’s ‘Kayamata’.

However, to be free from this spell, below are five things Laycon should do

1 Stay around other people more : Laycon is no doubt loved by all in the house but he has caged himself in a box, he is not very free with other housemates apart from Erica, which is really bad for him. He should try to stay around other housemates, they can actually make him feel better and probably help him forget he ever has feelings for Erica

2 Pour out his emotions into songwriting : Laycon is an artiste, a rap artiste for that matter, rappers are known for rapping about true life events, to make him quickly get over this, he should just pour out his emotions into songwriting, Let him write about it, rap about it, it’s going to be surprising how he will quickly stop hurting over it.

3 Become friends with Kiddwaya : Believe it or not, there is cold war between Laycon and Kiddwaya over Erica. They might not show it but deep inside them, they are not happy with each other, they see themselves as competitors though Laycon loses most times. If he really wants to get over it, He should become friends with Kidd, this will even amaze Erica, and with this, the three of them can even become best friends ever without any bad blood.

4 Get extremely close to Tolanibaj : In the house, TolaniBaj is considered one of Erica’s best friends, she tells her everything and they share lots of secrets. If Laycon can try to get close to her, not to catch feelings though, they should become good friends, this will in turn give Erica reason to worry while it will make Laycon heal from his hurt.

5 Focus on the money : Laycon obviously didn’t come into the house because of a lady. He should focus on the prize, give it all his attention, think about it every now and then.


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