June 24, 2024


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Superhero movies, comedy, animations and more are what you stand to enjoy this week on GOtv. This week, Edward Norton as Bruce Banner  unleashes the green giant in The Hulk while Jason Shepherd plots to bring down a top but deceitful Hollywood producer in the comedy Big Fat Liar. Our lineup this week promises to provoke laughter, excitement, and heartwarming moments as we’ve curated an exclusive list of incredible shows that are perfect for the whole family. So, let’s dive into this week’s lineup.

Almost Christmas

There’s no better way to get that Christmas nostalgic feeling than with this movie. “Almost Christmas” is a heartwarming comedy-drama film that revolves around the hilarious and chaotic holiday gathering of the Meyers family. Following the recent loss of their beloved mother and wife, Walter Meyers, played by Danny Glover, is determined to honour his wife’s memory by keeping the family traditions alive during their first Christmas without her. However, as the entire extended family gathers under one roof, tensions rise, and old conflicts resurface, leading to a series of comedic mishaps and emotional revelations. Tune in to M-net 4 (GOtv Ch 50)  on wednesday at 7.40pm to enjoy and relieve the Christmas feeling even in the month of July.


Don’t miss the action-packed superhero film, “The Hulk,” on MovieRoom Africa (GOtv Ch 51)  this Thursday at 4:40 PM.  This Movie delves into the origins and struggles of Dr. Bruce Banner, a brilliant scientist who is exposed to gamma radiation during a failed experiment. This incident triggers a transformation within him, unleashing a powerful alter ego known as the Hulk. This movie is family friendly and is suitable for the whole family. Join us for an unforgettable adventure filled with awe-inspiring battles and the indomitable spirit of the Hulk.

Big Fat Liar

A young boy named Jason finds himself in a predicament when a movie producer steals his homework and turns it into a blockbuster.  Known for his mischievousness and lies when all pleas for help fall on deaf ears, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Joined by his girlfriend, he embarks on a wild adventure to Hollywood to confront the deceitful producer and prove his innocence. “Big Fat Liar” is a delightful comedy that appeals to younger audiences while providing enjoyable viewing for adults. Tune in on Sunday to MovieRoom Africa (GOtv Ch 51 )at 12.05 pm for laughter and excitement as reality takes a backseat, and Jason’s wit conquers both the best and worst that the adult world has to offer. It’s a must-watch for the whole family!


Madagascar” is a fun-filled animated adventure that follows the escapades of four New York City zoo animals. They soon find themselves unexpectedly shipped off to

the exotic island of Madagascar. In this vibrant and colourful land, they encounter a motley crew of hilarious lemurs and face thrilling and hilarious adventures as they navigate their way back home. “Madagascar” is a delightful and humorous tale that will entertain audiences of all ages with its lovable characters and unforgettable escapades. Join in Friday 5.05 pm on M-net 4 (GOtv Ch 50 )

Step Up

Step Up is an energetic dance film where Tyler,a rebellious young street dancer  meets Nora, a disciplined ballet dancer, at the Maryland School of the Arts, an elite performing arts school where he was sentenced to 200 hours of community service mopping floors for having a run in with the law . Together, they form an unlikely partnership, breaking boundaries and inspiring each other to reach their full potential. Tune in saturday 1.20pm on MovieRoom Africa (GOtv ch 51)

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