October 4, 2023

Dangote Cement has fueled jobs creation in Tanzania, Defence College

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The National Defence College (NDC) of Tanzania has commended Dangote Cement for fueling job creation in the country. The Commandant of the College, Major Gen. IM Mhona, stated this when he led a delegation of participants from the institution as part of the one-year course for high-ranking army officials. The NDC is the highest strategic learning and primary training institution for the Ministry of Defence and National Service, in Tanzania. 

Maj. Gen. Mhona while applauding Dangote Cement’s contribution to the country’s economic growth added that the company has helped in addressing youth unemployment which he described as a threat to national security in Tanzania.  The Commandant praised Dangote Cement Tanzania for providing over 1,500 job opportunities to address this issue. 

According to him, Dangote Cement has a significant impact on national security by providing jobs to many youths and many Tanzanians who would otherwise be on the streets, some turning to crime. 

The course members were astounded by Dangote Cement’s massive investment in production line as well as the Compressed Natural Gas Plant (CNG) plant. 

The 30-man delegation were accompanied on a half-day tour of the plant by the College Commandant, Major Gen. IM Mhona, and the Mtwara regional host, Col. Patrick Sawala, the DC for Tandahimba District. NDC faculty members, course participants from five countries (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, and Zambia), and NDC support staff made up the delegation. 

The annual course conducted by NDC in Tanzania is aimed at high-ranking officers of SADC armies and focuses on strategic, logistical, and operational issues. Members of the 10th course intake are expected to complete their strategic course at the college soon. 

In his remarks, Country Manager of Dangote Cement Plant Tanzania, Engr. Abdullahi Baba, thanked the Commandant for the honor of visiting the plant and urged the course participants to incorporate the learning from their site visit at the end of the course into their strategic plans. 

“The course given at NDC is more than just the course work, it is economic security, a strategic empowerment that translates to what happens in the larger society in Tanzania and the region at large. Colleges like NDC are a security haven, giving us peace of mind and assurance that we are in a safe place,” Eng. Baba added. 

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