July 14, 2024

Distance Learning Institute, University of Lagos celebrates 61-year-old Mr. Sobowale as its overall best graduating student with a CGPA of 4.84

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Shattering stereotypes and proving that age is just a number, Mr. Sobowale Babatunde has emerged as the overall best graduating student of the 2021/2022 academic session at the Distance Learning Institute (DLI), University of Lagos. At 61 years old, Mr. Sobowale has not only defied expectations but set a shining example for students of all ages with his remarkable academic achievement.

Hailing from Ogun State, Mr. Sobowale’s journey to academic excellence began in 2016 when he enrolled in the Department of Management Sciences (B.Sc. Business Administration programme) at the Institute. Throughout his studies, he exhibited unwavering dedication and a thirst for knowledge, consistently scoring an impressive cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 4.84. This outstanding performance not only showcases his intellectual prowess but also serves as a powerful message of hope and inspiration for individuals who may have doubted their abilities due to age or other perceived limitations.

Mr. Sobowale’s academic achievements extend beyond his current degree. He holds qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Management, a Higher Diploma in Business Management Technology, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management respectively. This diverse range of expertise, coupled with his professional experience in public service paints a picture of a highly accomplished individual with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

However, those who know Mr. Sobowale beyond his academic achievements describe him as an unassuming, articulate, and outgoing individual with a gentle, serious, and hardworking nature. His dedication to his studies, coupled with his loving and disciplined personality, truly embodies the spirit of excellence that DLI strives to cultivate.

The Distance Learning Institute management led by the Director, Prof. Risikat Dauda, staff, and entire students extend their heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Sobowale, Babatunde, on his outstanding achievement, which will continue to inspire generations of students to pursue their dreams, especially as UNILAG marks its 54th convocation ceremony.

DLI is the organ of the University of Lagos that operates and coordinates the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programmes as a veritable alternative to increasing access to higher education and life-long learning for desiring learners both in developed and developing countries, thereby providing unique higher education opportunities to all life-long learners. These include the offering of flexible, accessible, quality, affordable, and cost-effective degree programmes; encouraging and supporting learners; monitoring retention; developing capacity-building processes; engaging in research and development of open distance practices; and contributing extensively to the national and international development of education for all.


Oke, Olagoke

Institute Secretary

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