Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has once again spoken about economic crises faced in Nigeria and the way forward.

In a tweet on his Twitter he expressed his heartfelt concern about the down ridden economy of the country which only gets worse and how the present government can tackle the existing crises it’s facing.

Nigeria has been the headquarter of unemployment for some time now and he skillfully explains the way out of this unfortunate situation.

He further went on to say that every family in Nigeria should every family in Nigeria with a least one school age child, and earning more than $800 should receive a monthly stipend of #5,000 from government through their BVN and NIN on account that they verifiably keep their children in school.

He is very concerned about taking children off the street into schools to as a way to curb unemployment rate and boost the economy of our beloved Nigeria.

After loosing the presidential seat to Pres. Buhari in 2019, he has not yet indicated interest to contest next election even though he has been rumoured to be interested.



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