July 22, 2024


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Our attention has been drawn to some recent reports tagged ‘2022 DANGOTE CEMENT PROMO START’ purportedly published on the front pages of some national dailies.

The report published on social media platforms featured on the cloned cover pages of newspapers such as THE PUNCH, SUNDAY SUN, NIGERIAN TRIBUNE and THE NATION, with a picture of our Group President and some bags of cement below the headlines.

We want to categorically state that these PROMO stories and pictures, which were super-imposed (photoshopped) on the front pages of the identified newspaper publications, are FALSE and meant to mislead unsuspecting members of the public. IT IS A SCAM!!

No decision has been taken on any Cement Promo for the year 2022 by Dangote Cement Plc, and where such is done, there is a strict procedure to convey such an important marketing decision to the regulatory authorities, our numerous customers and the public across the country.

The public is hereby advised to disregard and totally ignore these fake promo advert images, to avoid losing their funds to fraudsters.

Regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies are also urged to investigate bank account details provided by the scammers for these illegal transactions.

We remain committed to our consumers across all our business operations and we are always willing to carry our customers along at every step and in every market decision. To us, the customer is king and this has not changed.


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