October 5, 2023

FMDQ Exchange Admits the Emerging Africa Asset Management Limited Mutual Funds on its Platform

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FMDQ Group PLC (“FMDQ Group” or “FMDQ”) through its wholly owned subsidiary, FMDQ Securities Exchange Limited (“FMDQ Exchange” or “the Exchange”), has approved for listing on its platform, the one (1) billion units of ₦1.00 each Emerging Africa Money Market Fund, the one (1) billion units of ₦1.00 each Emerging Africa Bond Fund, the twenty (20) thousand units of $100.00 each Emerging Africa Eurobond Fund, and the five hundred (500) million units of ₦1.00 each Emerging Africa Balanced Diversity Fund (“the Funds”), of Emerging Africa Asset Management Limited (“EAAML”). EAAML is a subsidiary of the Emerging Africa Group, which provides portfolio management services to individual and institutional investors globally.


Speaking on the successful listing of the Funds, the Managing Director, EAAML, Ms. Ada Ijara, commented that “the Emerging Africa Group is pleased to announce the listing by Emerging Africa Asset Management Limited of its bouquet of four (4) Mutual Funds on FMDQ Exchange’s platform to give the Funds the desired visibility and transparency provided by the platform. The four (4) Mutual Funds, which are duly registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) provide corporate and individual investors with opportunities to invest in a wide range of underlying assets such as quoted equity stocks, bonds, eurobonds, treasury bills and other fixed income instruments. The Emerging Africa Money Market Fund invests in liquid and low risk assets whilst providing capital preservation and competitive returns. The Emerging Africa Bond Fund is suited for moderately conservative investors and offers better returns with moderate risk. The Emerging Africa Eurobond Fund provides a hedge against local currency volatility by investing in US Dollar denominated fixed income securities at competitive returns. The Emerging Africa Balanced Diversity Fund offers a moderate exposure to equities and fixed income whilst advancing gender diversity with its focus on equities of companies with proven gender diversity at board and management levels. The four (4) Mutual Funds offer great value to the investing public, catering to their varying risk appetites and investment preferences. We are grateful to FMDQ Exchange for providing benefits to the Funds listed on its platform, including but not limited to, global visibility through the dedicated ‘Funds’ page on the Exchange’s corporate website and price transparency to the funds through their inclusion in the FMDQ Daily Quotations List”.


Also commenting on the successful issuance, the sponsor of the Mutual Funds and a Registration Member (Listings) of the Exchange, EAC Advisory Limited, through its Managing Director/Group Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Toyin Sanni, expressed great delight at the listing of the four (4) Mutual Funds on the FMDQ’s platform. She also stated that “EAC Advisory is pleased, as Financial Advisers on the issuance and listing of the four (4) Mutual Funds, to have supported Emerging Africa Asset Management Limited in the development and introduction to the market of such a comprehensive and innovative range of investment products. We thank the SEC on the support provided for initiatives like this which broaden alternatives for retail investors, whilst providing robust regulatory oversight for the protection of investors. We are excited to partner once again with FMDQ to introduce superior products to the Nigerian Capital Market. We laud FMDQ for providing an efficient listing process, governance oversight, transparent pricing mechanism, and access to a broad investor base. The Emerging Africa Group will continue to partner with innovative Issuers to present attractive investment opportunities from African markets”.


FMDQ Group is Africa’s first vertically integrated financial market infrastructure (FMI) group, strategically positioned to provide registration, listing, quotation and noting services; integrated trading, clearing & central counterparty, settlement, and risk management for financial market transactions; depository of securities, as well as data and information services, across the debt capital, foreign exchange, derivatives and equity markets, through its wholly owned subsidiaries – FMDQ Exchange, FMDQ Clear Limited, FMDQ Depository Limited and FMDQ Private Markets Limited. As a sustainability-focused FMI group, FMDQ Group, through FMDQ Exchange, operates Africa’s premier Green Exchange – FMDQ Green Exchange – positioned to lead the transition towards a sustainable future.

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