September 23, 2023

FMN excites consumers with the launch of a wholly Made-in-Nigeria Brown Sugar

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… Reaffirms its commitment to backward integration, the long-term development of the sugar value chain, and the continuous improvement of the nation’s sugar supply

 In a bid to strengthen its drive for local content and reaffirm its commitment to the backward integration strategy of the Nigerian Sugar Master Plan, Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN) today announced the launch of Sunti Brown Sugar

Sunti Brown Sugar is produced at Sunti Golden Sugar Estates, which is owned and operated by Golden Sugar Company, a subsidiary of the FMN Group. Sunti Brown Sugar is fully indigenous, made from sugarcane grown, harvested, and processed locally. It is fortified with Vitamin A and provides additional nutritional benefits, creating a consumer affinity for made-in-Nigeria products.

FMN has long established itself as a formidable player in the sugar sector through the success of the Golden Penny pure white refined sugar, renowned for its sweetness. With the Sunti brown sugar launch, FMN further reaffirms its commitment to the Nigerian Sugar Masterplan, which aims to increase the domestic production of sugar to meet the 1.7 Million Metric Tons (MMT) demand. Sunti Brown Sugar will enable Nigeria to attain self-sufficiency in sugar production by growing the required local capacity to meet the demand for sugar which will stem the tide of unbridled importation of sugar and its by-products.

During the launch, Boye Olusanya, the Group Managing Director of FMN, stated that continued investments in Nigeria’s sugar value chain would increase local sugar production capacity while empowering host communities. He commented:

“Currently, the sugar that is produced from locally grown sugarcane meets less than 5% of the nation’s demand. So, FMN’s commitment to improving the supply value chain through backward integration will immensely improve food security and reduce the over-dependence on sugar imports. It also creates vast employment opportunities for skilled and semi-skilled labour. And while we are not quite there yet, I believe that with Golden Sugar’s leadership in the industry, Nigeria is well on its way to recapturing the glory years of sugar production in the 80s. In the long run, our goal is to build a vibrant sugar sector, one the economy can derive immeasurable benefits from.”

Mr. Olusanya explains that restoring the nation’s self-sufficiency in the sugar sector requires a conducive policy environment that the Government has provided through the Backward Integration Program of the Nigerian Sugar Master Plan. 

Also commenting, Devlin Hainsworth, Managing Director, Foods Division, FMN Group, revealed that the company has a history of creating innovative products loved by consumers. He commented:

“We are building on our track record of excellence in the sugar industry. Without a doubt, the addition of Sunti Brown sugar to our product portfolio broadens our ability to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Sunti Brown Sugar, extracted from naturally grown sugarcanes, processed, and fortified with vitamin A, is set to restore Nigerian pride by introducing to the market a product that is entirely made, from start to finish in Nigeria. Additionally, it reaffirms our commitment to the millions of Nigerian families that rely on us for daily sustenance and confirms Golden Penny’s place at the heart of the family and, of course, the nation.” 

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