July 14, 2024


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Just like pharaoh who was frustrated after all his schemes against the israelites failed and ended drowning at the Red Sea, Funke Ashekun is surely frustrated too as all attempt to blackmail the Mountain Of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) Dr Olukoya failed woefully .

She has resorted to cheap direct blackmail against innocent people by trying to coin stories to dent the image of the Revered Man of God and the firebrand ministry.

In a new voice it made available to us, she was in pain as her scheme didn’t work, Thus attacking rhe woman who refused to bulge tp hwe gimmicks.

Here is the voice note…

Hello sister, there is something going on right now that is making me to call you. You have to disclose who gave you information because you didn’t call that brother again my sister. They called you, you didn’t pick call. Right now that brother is dying, I can’t tell you what he is going through. And you know how dangerous these people are, I don’t expect you to go and disclose my source of information. If it’s only me, I don’t mind, I am not afraid of anybody and you people are disclosing my information and you know these people are in Nigeria. That brother that gave me your number is on the sick bed right now. He has been sick for weeks now. That is how Pharaoh operate, the armed robbers has been coming repeatedly, and all those living in that house ran away. You don’t know how dangerous these people are, you are dealing with mafias. Sister, what you are doing is paining me, I preferred you could have called me and talked to me. I gave you an opportunity, I called you several times. You didn’t call me, you went to the opposition to go and report. Sister, you didn’t do very well because I didn’t offend you. Everyone of those I spoke to are saying the same thing about your brother’s death. We all know this man is a principality, if anything is confusing you, go and meet God and sort it out with God but what you did is really bad. I am really pained I know what that brother is going through right now. Sister what you really did is very bad, I never knew you before, it the Holy Spirit that sent me to expose this man, its bad oh, you had better go and meet God

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