July 14, 2024

GOtv: Between Sports Followership And Content Affordability

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The recent Africa Cup of Nations tournament in Ivory Coast reinforced Nigeria as a sport-crazy country. The passion and followership, coupled with the support for the Super Eagles, was visible in every part of the country.

X Nigeria became a center of attraction for the global community, as users interacted and enjoyed the loads of banter churned out daily by Nigerians, who were spurred by the good outing of the Super Eagles at the tournament.

This huge followership was fueled by the tournament coverage which made the matches available to an average Nigerian household. Aside from the broadcast by the Nigerian Television Authority, GOtv provided high-quality coverage for millions of households.

The move to introduce the Supa+ package, to make such tournament, and the famous Premier League available on GOtv, appears to be a masterstroke. Now the average Nigerian football audience does not need the luxury of a premium Pay-Tv subscription to enjoy the best of football and other sports.

Football content on GOtv is not limited to the Premier League. A Supa+ package also grants access to top matches in the Serie A, Laliga, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, Europa League, Conference League, and to some extent, the illustrious Champions League.

Another community of cult followership, which GOtv serves, but is commonly overlooked, is that of Wrestling. Millions of Nigerian men and women passionately follow their favourite wrestling superstars, and stay up at night to watch big matches. There’s a dedicated WWE channel on GOtv to meet the entertainment needs of this audience.

Let’s also talk about the basketball coverage available on ESPN, which is also accessible on GOtv. The NBA is the most popular league in the slam and dunk game, and it commands good followership in Nigeria. The audience can catch some of the action live on the Supa+ package. Also, lovers of track and field sports are not left out. Customers can access major international competitions on SuperSport channels available on GOtv.

The launch of GOtv Stream has now elevated the customer experince to a higher level. The app enables GOtv customers, especially the football-loving community, to enjoy the most followed league in the world, at their fingertips. What this means is that a Chinedu who runs an electronics shop can watch his favourite football club, live, without closing his shop on a Saturday afternoon. It means a football fan doesn’t have to miss out on an Owambe party because his football club has a match. All needed is the App and active subscription to enjoy a match live on the preferred mobile device.

Combining quality service with technology that elevates customer experience has made GOtv an affordable platform for millions of football lovers in Nigeria. For an unpredictable economy like Nigeria, sports content is one of the stress management techniques, and making this available and affordable, is really commendable.

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