October 4, 2023

How MTN Foundation is Improving Digital Skills of Youths in Nigeria

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The present world is changing drastically in all fields, especially in information and communication technologies (ICT), hence the need to amass skills that would help one navigate and properly harness modern technologies. Digital technology connects people and machines with one another to deliver an experience that was far beyond our reach decades ago.

Digital skills are essential for many careers and are often looked for by potential employers. Digital skills are also essential requirements to run a successful business, as these skills help to organize workload, streamline processes and access digital information.

Digital skills offer a variety of opportunities to young people in diverse fields. The ability to be able to make use of these skills effectively has become the influential force of change in the modern world.

MTN Nigeria through its foundation, continues to empower Nigerian youths with digital skills, through the ICT and Business skill training programme by the foundation.

The ICT and Business skill training initiative has impacted and upskilled over 3,000 young people with skills to help enhance their employability and entrepreneurial skills. MTN Foundation has achieved this in partnership with some of its ecosystem partners (Google, Oracle, KPMG, IBM and Digital Bridge Institute).

MTN Foundation has successfully implemented four phases of the ICT and BUsiness skills training programme across 10 states in Nigeria (Oyo, Kano, Imo, Nasarawa, Rivers, Abia, Akwa-Ibom, Borno, Kaduna and Katsina States).

The Foundation has commenced the call-for entries for the fifth phase of the ICT & Business Skills Training and it is set to train young Nigerian entrepreneurs within the ages of 18 – 35 years in Digital skills.

The fifth phase of the training would be held virtually across Kogi, Adamawa, Jigawa, Anambra, Cross River and Lagos States. MTN Foundation would be giving out equipment grants of up to 40 million naira to 200 young entrepreneurs during the training period.

Interested candidates should log onto http://www.mtnonline.com/MTNF-ICT/  to register for the training before the deadline by January 30, 2022.

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