The board and management of Iloshe Properties and Investment Limited have unveiled a new Brand Ambassador and a Media Consultant in a press conference and modest ceremony.
Only two years in the property market and already playing shoulder to shoulder with top real estate companies in the country under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, Oluwagbemiga Fabiyi and the dynamic team with a cumulative experience of more than 25 years on the field, the company decided that there was no better time than the beginning of a new year to unveil a new Brand Ambassador to add glamour to the Iloshe brand and an experienced  Media Consultant to guide the organization in the process of their media footprints for both traditional and new media.
After a vigorous search for a celebrity with integrity and substance, Chief Mrs. Rachel Oniga continually came up across all channels. Interestingly, her values are in tandem with what the Iloshe brand represents. Further consultations were made and Chief Mrs. Rachel Oniga became the choice and management went to work and here we are.
Chief Mrs. Rachel Oniga is an award winning actor and producer of international repute; she is also a motivational speaker who takes pride in inspiring young people. She is a perfectionist who will leave no stone unturned to achieve her objectives. When asked about the qualities she saw in the Iloshe brand before accepting to be a brand ambassador, she said “credibility, I would not want a relationship that will soil my name. If by chance I find out that a client paid the company and couldn’t get an allocation, I will be the first person to tell it to the world”.
The past year had Mr. Remi Shitta-Bay as the Brand Ambassador for Iloshe Properties and Investment Limited. He remains an ambassador and will work with Chief Mrs. Rachel Oniga towards a better representation of the brand.
Speaking about the choice of Rachel Oniga as the new Brand Ambassador, the CEO said “I did my research and a major thing I discovered was the name and the integrity that goes with it”.
To help the organization make informed decision in their choice media and media related decisions, Iloshe Properties and Investment also announced the appointment of Taiye Akinpelu aka Taikins as Media Consultant. Taiye is a versatile broadcaster with a keen interest in the real estate industry. Haven worked in a similar capacity with about three real estate companies, you can be sure the media space is about to be hit with unique activities from Iloshe Properties and Investment Company Limited.
About Iloshe Properties and Investment Limited
ILOSHE is one of the fastest growing indigenous Real Estate Investment and Development Firms in Nigeria with Unique products and services that mainly Caters for the lower, Upper and middle class in the society.
ILOSHE is an investment Holding Company with devoted interest in estate Development, Funds Management (Investment Club), Merchandise of Building Materials, and Cement Block Molding. The Company is primarily in the business of making lives Richer and better and we do so by extending Real Estate investment and Business Opportunities to people from all walks of life.
The Company has continued to develop investment and property solutions to help Nigerians both Home and Abroad create wealth legitimately, incrementally and sustainable. Presently, our estate number a total of 5 locations and many more to come across the Country and Abroad.


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