July 14, 2024

Innovating Locally, Impacting Globally: Jumia’s Drive for Tech Talent Excellence

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The future is digital, but for Africa to make the most of that future more attention must be given to developing and leveraging local tech talent. Research from several renowned organisations and bodies, including multinational accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, reveals that the digital economy has the potential to contribute 25% to the global GDP. On a continental level, its contribution is projected to exceed $712 billion by 2050. Africa already has the working-age population needed to harness the potential of this economy, however, for this to become a reality, there is a need to develop the requisite skills to harness the burgeoning digital economy.

An in-depth study of the continent’s working-age demography reveals that a large segment of its youths have an interest in tech. This is good news because there are many opportunities on the global corporate landscape for these tech enthusiasts to harness, launching them into careers that are not restricted to a single country or continent. In Nigeria, where a technology renaissance is in full bloom, there is a gnawing need for tech talents within both tech and non-tech companies. A McKinsey survey of 3.5 million job postings for roles attuned to the tech trends sweeping the globe, it is evident that there are more roles than qualified professionals. Yet, companies are more enthusiastic about hiring experienced professionals than greenhorns; this has led to a raging battle for tech talents across the global corporate landscape.

Considering the gaping disparity between the available talents and enthusiasts, the solution to this dissension is to invest in and leverage the untapped talent pool that exists. In Nigeria, one company that is championing this is Jumia, a leading Pan-African technology company that currently offers e-commerce and payment solutions services to millions of Nigerians across the country’s six geo-political zones.

With the knowledge that experience in any given field is the pathway to increased expertise and economic stability, Jumia is opening its doors to give tech talents across Nigeria positions with its structure. These positions serve as opportunities to strengthen already existing skills and gain new ones ranging from DevOps, UI/UX Design, Site Reliability Engineering, Data Engineering, Tech Support, Backend and Frontend Development, Mobile Engineering, Product, Security and Cybersecurity amongst others.

The company’s commitment to local talent development is also about creating meaningful, high-impact employment opportunities. In a region where unemployment remains a pressing issue, Jumia is leading the charge. By recruiting local talents, the company contributes to economic growth, social upliftment, and personal fulfilment for countless individuals. In addition, the ripple effect of Jumia’s local talent recruitment strategy extends far beyond their workforce. With a position at Jumia, present and prospective employees play crucial roles in the development of Nigeria and Africa’s tech ecosystem. This translates into a pipeline of experts who are working assiduously to make the potential contribution of 25% to the global GDP a reality.

According to Enitan Oyenuga, Human Resources Director, Jumia Nigeria, the purpose of the recruitment drive is to provide invaluable opportunities for career growth to tech talents within Nigeria and Africa. Speaking on this, she said, “The sustained technological evolution the world has witnessed in the past few decades has made it expedient for everyone, particularly those in the tech space, to engage in a continuous cycle of learning, unlearning, and re-learning. The tech sector is unique because new trends pop up every day and these trends create demands for skills that were hitherto either nonexistent or simplified. With the recruitment drive, Jumia is providing numerous tech talents with an ecosystem where they are always ahead of the curve caused by the continued evolution in tech. This way, our employees remain catalysts in the tech ecosystem.”

Another strategic way the company has created and provided an invaluable ecosystem for tech talents to grow, innovate and proffer solutions to real-life challenges is through its Jumia Tech Hub. First launched in Porto, the Jumia Tech Hub has given and continues to give hundreds the opportunity to learn from their counterparts in highly competitive markets. With the impact the Hub has had in Porto and then in Cairo, projections on the impact the Tech Hub will have on the Nigerian market and global digital economy are promising. Additionally, apart from the Tech Centre in Porto and Egypt, Jumia has two promising hubs in Kenya and soon in Nigeria, further solidifying its presence in key African tech ecosystems.

As Jumia continues to innovate locally, its impact is being felt globally. By nurturing the next generation of tech leaders and driving technological advancements, Jumia’s commitment to tech talent excellence is a testament to the idea that when you invest in local communities, you have the potential to impact the world.















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