July 14, 2024

IRF Frowns At Accusations Of Tribal Incitement Against Peter Obi Regarding His Views On The Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway Project

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The Igbo Renaissance Forum (IRF) is deeply troubled by the recent accusations of tribal incitement leveled against Peter Obi and the Igbo people regarding the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project by the Minister for Works, Senator Dave Umahi.

As a forum committed to the advancement of the Igbo nation and Nigeria as a whole, we emphasize the need for a fair and balanced assessment of the project’s impact, devoid of tribal sentiments.

Peter Obi’s criticism of the project, particularly regarding its effect on unemployment and investments such as the Landmark Beach Resort, reflects genuine concerns shared by many stakeholders.

These concerns should be addressed through constructive dialogue and engagement, not through baseless accusations of tribal incitement.

Minister of Works David Umahi’s assertion that Obi is inciting the Igbo against the Federal Government is not only unfounded but also divisive.

It is crucial that discussions about the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project remain focused on its merits and demerits, rather than being skewed to a tribal slant.

The IRF aligns itself with the views expressed by former President Goodluck Jonathan and other notable Nigerians who have called for a more inclusive and transparent approach to the project.

Development projects of this magnitude should benefit all Nigerians, regardless of tribe or ethnicity.

Furthermore, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has also expressed concerns about the project, stating that while infrastructure development is important, it must not come at the expense of human lives and livelihoods. Atiku emphasized the need for thorough environmental and social impact assessments to mitigate any adverse effects of the project on communities and businesses.

We urge the Federal Government to address the legitimate concerns raised by stakeholders, including Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar, and the IRF, and ensure that the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project is implemented in a manner that promotes national unity and development.

Accusations of tribal incitement only serve to distract from the real issues at hand and must be rejected in the interest of peace and progress and the federal government should restrain Senator Dave Umahi from making such unguarded statements that are capable of whipping up negative reactions against the Igbo people.

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