December 1, 2023

Jubilation Across Police Commands As Buhari Decorates Adamu As IGP

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Massive Jubilation Across Police Commands As Buhari Decorates Adamu As IGP Officers and men of...

Massive Jubilation Across Police Commands As Buhari Decorates Adamu As IGP

Officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force were in a jubilant mood as President Muhammadu Buhari formally decorated the new Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed.

Adamu Mohammed, an Assistant Inspector General of Police was announced as new IG on Monday, January 14th following the decision of the Presidency to allow Ibrahim Idris go on his retirement.

The joy observed across commands was boundless as many Police officers expressed satisfaction with the decision of the President.

Mr Adamu is seen as a disciplined officer whose impressive track record has helped re-energise the faith of a previously deflated Police Force.

“Well, we are professionals. We are going to stick by the rules, we are going to do the right thing. We will not go outside the ethics of our job to do things that are untoward; everybody will be given level playing ground to play his or her politics,” he was quoted to have said after his decoration by the President.

Allegations of corruption and nepotism have been the drawback of the police force.

Nigerians have tagged Idris’ administration as the lowest moment for the force and a quick fix and morale boost is badly needed from the new police chief. Cases of officers being cheated and ignored during the promotion are begging for attention.

Some officers revealed that while some officers who were due for promotion were outrightly ignored, those who were loyal to the former IGP got three, sometimes four promotions within a year. A case they want the PSC and IGP Adamu to revisit.

Some officers have also been forced to pay through their nose to get their due promotions in the Police office.

Former IGP Idris had unlawfully taken recruitment of officers into his hands when he dismissed 311 officers and replaced them with 201 recruits.
It took the intervention of the new leadership of the Police Service Commission(PSC), headed by former IGP, Musiliu Smith to get the sacked officers reinstated back to their positions.

Former IGP, Idris has been accused on many occasions of being involved in grand corruption, politics and favouritism. All these are expected to be banished to memory as the new Sheriff comes to town.

Mr Adamu’s faultless history in the Police has endeared him to many hearts, and the joy seen on faces as he made his entrance at the Police Headquarters has been seen as just a little of what’s being exuded all across the federation.

It is indeed a new dawn for the Nigerian Police Force, and the officers of the force have always waited for this day

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