July 14, 2024


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Like the first rain of the year that usually brings joy and jubilation after a long crunch of hash heat and drought, so it’s in Kenya today with the confirmation that Pastor Evelyn Joshua is holding a two- day crusade between 13th and 14th of this month in Nairobi, the nation’s capital.

In an unprecedented enthusiasm, people are already trooping to Nairobi from neighbouring countries of Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia and even far away South Africa several days ahead of the event and yet with a lot of more overwhelming interests of people outside the continent indicating to attend because of its significance.

The Kenyans are particularly overexcited that the East African country known for being the world’s best Safari destination with 50 epic national parks is lucky to be counted worthy of the event they have been looking forward to for several years.
“It’s an answered prayer for this crusade to hold in Kenya because we have been longing and praying for it without ceasing and God has finally answered us after all these years! This is God’s time for us in this country and as we have come to know that God’s time is always the best” said Kenneth Kimoni, a Kenyan thriving Pentecostal pastor in Nairobi.

“This is going to bring healing, deliverance and great turn around to our country with the anointed woman of God Pastor Evelyn Joshua coming for this crusade. It’s a great opportunity for this to happen in our country because it’s the dawn of a new era that will put an end to all evil yokes and covenants of darkness against our land” joyfully enthused by Israel Frank Mutembei, a Kenya businessman, adding that “this crusade Will bring revival to our country, economically, politically and in all facets of our national life for the emergence of a glorious nation here springing from Kenya to other countries”.

To Susan Busangabanye, a 48 year old Chartered Accountant: “this is a great event for anyone that’s spiritually awake not to miss. Without seeing the man of God Prophet TBJoshua while he was alive and without seeing the woman of God Pastor Evelyn Joshua I received an incomprehensible touch of God power on Emmanuel TV from which my life has been transformed. I have to abandon my work to be here today to register for the crusade. It’s a new dawn in my life and family, I am grateful to God”.

Attendance of crusade is free and will be holding at Kasarani MOI International Stadium, Nairobi, the largest sports centre in the country. The state has also kindly permitted the use of Kenyatta International Conference Centre KICC, a monumental edifice of architectonic elegance and ingenuity, almost the best in Africa and pride of Kenyans to be used for the registration especially for people of various health challenges where they are being openly screened along with their medical reports.

Peter Mbwika Alusa and his wife Faith and three children were not left behind as they had arrived at KICC by 7.00amTuesday ahead of 10:00am when registration was to start. “By the time we got here we already met a lot of people here for the same purpose” he said, adding that “this is a serious matter”. His wife further stated that they had to come very early so that they would not miss the crusade so that they could register early before the venue is overwhelmed by the crowd especially with their children because people all over Kenya would be coming. “We know what God is about to do in our country and we are very grateful to God and pray for God’s continued grace and strength for Pastor Evelyn Joshua” she further stated.

To Hannah Njoki, a building material entrepreneur: “I love TBJOSHUA. He was the one who transformed my Christian life from delusion to reality. Through him I came to know Jesus Christ experientially that He is alive. This crusade shall be an additional grace of God’s love for my life”.

Mrs Judith Nabwire Wafula is of opinion that with the crusade coming, “revival has started in my life and our country. It’s by God’s grace I know this”.

Mrs Josephine Mbithi, a minister stated: “I am very excited to be here and the grace God has given to me to witness the coming crusade. I have seen the light and I can’t but be part of the light. May God be praised for bringing this blessing to Kenya. We also thank God for the life of Pastor Evelyn Joshua “.

The economic imperatives of the crusade to the nation of Kenya cannot be downplayed. The hospitality industries are receiving a big boost. Some front lining hotels visited, such as Pride-Inn Hotel, Serena, Safari Park, Stanley Sarova, Panagric, Kempinski, Tribe, and Ibis for instance are already smiling of good business. In fact Ibis is already overbooked while others are also getting bookings weeks to the event.

But why the choice of Kenya at this point in time by the SCOAN?
Pastor Evelyn Joshua, the leader of SCOAN and the crusade has this to say:
“The two-day crusade in Kenya is holding in furtherance of God’s will for this Commission and mankind; for the salvation of souls and fulfilled destinies. We are also undertaking charity programme as part of our mission. This is by God’s instruction in His grace, mercy and favour that the nation of Kenya should partake in the blessings associated with this divine assignment”.

Clearly a great event is about taking place in Kenya. It’s going to be a turning point. The nation is already bubbling and daily getting more electrified for the crusade. SCOAN and the life of Evelyn Joshua have demonstrated one axiomatic spiritual truth that “the mills of God” in the words of that great biblical hero, prophet Isaiah, “grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine”.

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