July 22, 2024

Liverpool VS Luton Town: Dear Punters, Primate Ayodele Isn’t Responsible For Your Predicament

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By John Olateju

On Sunday, the day Liverpool VS Luton Town match was played, the social media was literally on fire not because of the outcome of the match but because of a popular Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele.

Primate Ayodele trended immediately after the match with over 10,000 people mentioning his name on the timeline because he gave a prophecy earlier that Liverpool was going to win Luton Town but at the end, the match ended in a draw.

Many of the netizens that of course were majorly punters took to their several pages to hurl insults at the man of God because they lost their bet. Apparently, they had placed bets on the match based on Primate Ayodele’s prophecy. They had played Liverpool to win in their betting slips and were disappointed and sad because they lost the ticket.

Many of them must have put in a huge amount of money because Primate Ayodele’s football prophecies have always come to pass. They thought they could use prophecies to play bets without considering some factors.

It’s quite sad that they lost money but someone needs to let these punters know that Primate Ayodele isn’t responsible for their predicament. Thankfully, the prophet released a statement before the Liverpool match that his prophecies are not for betting or commercial purposes because he understands that prophecies are not meant for that purpose.

What they failed to understand is that prophecies are mostly warnings. It is when the people involved don’t listen or fail to take heed that these warnings come to pass. The essence of prophecies is to reveal what to come, warn people ahead so that they can know what to do either to make the subject of the prophecy come to pass or avert it. If, as a person, a prophet tells you that something bad will happen to you on your proposed trip, won’t you try to pray or even stop plans to embark on such a trip? If you don’t go, definitely nothing will happen to you but if you embark on it, you are sure to experience a bad thing. If you stay in your house and get saved from the impending danger that lies ahead of you on your trip, would you now say the prophet is fake? Absolutely NO.

Even in the bible, a certain prophet came to Hezekiah to inform him that God said he should put his house in order because he was going to die. Hezekiah on hearing this ran to God in prayer, reminded God of some of his efforts and in the process, God sent the same prophet to tell Hezekiah that he has added an extra 15 years to his life. ( Isaiah 38vs1-3). Was the prophet fake? NO.

Another instance was the message God gave Prophet Jonah to deliver to the people of Nineveh. God was angry with the nation and asked Jonah to tell that he was going to destroy them. Jonah delivered this message but the people failed to accept their fate; they cried to God, prayed to him and in the end, God had compassion and forgave them. ( Jonah 3). Was Jonah fake because God didn’t later destroy Nineveh? NO.

For Luton Town that heard the prophecy of Primate Ayodele about losing the match to Liverpool FC, no club would hear something like that and not work to ensure they don’t lose. They already had hints that Liverpool was coming with a full force and to prevent losing to them as Primate Ayodele had said, they must have changed their strategies and tactics just like the people of Nineveh and Hezekiah; they must have put their best players in the match and try every possible tactic to ensure they don’t lose the match so what’s the fuss about Primate Ayodele’s prophecy about?

The prophet warned that his prophecies are not for betting or commercial purposes, punters that don’t know how prophecies work are now crying foul that they were misled. Who sent you to play bets with prophecy? The prophecy wasn’t shared for you to play bets but for the clubs to listen and make amends where necessary but out of greed and love for quick money, you played bets with it and lost, why are you crying?

Primate Ayodele isn’t a punter neither is he in support of gambling so I wonder why some punters would think he is making prophecies for them. It is only when the clubs in question don’t do anything that they will lose but if they quickly adjust, they won’t.

Punters should please note that Primate Ayodele isn’t responsible for your loss or predicament, you were just stubborn and greedy.

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