July 14, 2024

Love Notes, Funky Dance Moves and Second Chances on Indomie Love Bowl Episode 8

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They say opportunity comes once but on the last episode of Indomie Love Bowl game show, second chances and

clean slates were the order of the day as the first runner up families from previous episodes had another opportunity to compete for a spot at the grand finale.

The Sadiq family for the Blue team, the Alabi family for the green team, the Dairo family for the yellow team and the Adebola Walter family for the red team got another chance to compete for the coveted spot.

In this episode the families did not spin the wheel. The games were chosen randomly on the big screen and as usual the show began with the Fire round questions where the families had to answer trivia questions in 60 seconds. The Alabi family snagged the first win of the night.

With one family topping the leaderboard the other teams had to pull out all the stops in The Move Or Drop game. In this game,  mums had to correctly answer a series of questions about their kids. With every question gotten right the kids move up a square of 10 points and every wrong answer demotes them back to square one or the square before. The Adebola Walter family came out with a strong 50 points to their belts.

In the next game, Noodle dance party, the mums had to mimic  spunky dance moves as choreographed by co host Darasimi Nadi but they had to do it while balancing a bowl of noodle on their heads. All the mums showed off their dance moves and tried their best to balance the noodle bowls but only one team did this perfectly. The Yellow team smashed this game as they got the 50 points which they doubled with the use of the Love Card. You could tell the audience were in agreement as they chorused with the host on announcing the yellow team as the winner.

The third game of the night,  Mum says the love thing tasked the mums and kids to use their imagination. The mums had to act out words that expressed love and the kids had to guess the words as they were demonstrated. The Adebola Walter  family won this game with 50 points.

In the final and the  fourth game, Aim for Love had mum and kids had to bust as many balloons using darts. The Sadie family won this game with 120 points after utilising their love card.

The Dario family emerged winners and earned themselves 200 points and a spot in the grand finale.

Tune in this Sunday for another exciting celebrity episode of Indomie Love Bowl game show where the participants will play for charity. This will be aired on Sunday on Africa Magic Family (DStv 154 and GOtv 7) at 7:00 pm, Africa Magic Urban (DStv Ch 153 and GOtv Ch 8) from 5:00 pm–6:00 pm, and Africa Magic Showcase (DStv Ch. 151 and GOtv Supa+ Ch. 12) from 6:00 pm–7:00 pm.

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