The wife of the minister of Works and Housing, Mrs Abimbola Fashola has reiterated her committment to continue empowering the youths and less-privildges in the society towards helping them become independent and self-sufficient.
She vowed to continueosly provide every required support for every empowerment initiatives that will help many, especially the indigent folks become independent on many fronts.

Mrs Abimbola spoke through Mrs Rebecca Oluwaponmile at the presentation of certificates to the graduating students of TOS Community Initiative (NGO) in completion of their six-weeks skills training to commemorate international day for the eradication of poverty in Lagos.

The Minister’s wife commended the founder of TOS Community Initiative, Miss Taiwo Ololade Salvador, for the laudable project, pledges her support to the NGO whenever the need arises.
Mrs Fashola, also advised the beneficiaries of the programme to use everything they have learnt towards their better tomorrow.

She, apart from former donation towards the success of the project, also presented reading books and other educational materials to the graduating students of the great NGO.
Speaking at the programme, Salvador said the NGO have over six-weeks ago engaged the youths, training them on basic skills in three different areas ‘reading habit, garden and recycling’ for sustainable development in future.

She said the Foundation was formally established and registered with CAC as an organisation committed to building structures that offer hope to the indigent in the society.
Salvador, said the Foundation proposes to restore hope in a society where hope is practically missing and also ensure indigenous youths have a better future.

“We are here today to give certificates to the youths who have undergo the six weeks training on the basic skills in three different areas – guiding/counselling, reading skills and recycling to restore hope back to society where hope of less-privildges is gradually missing.

“Looking at our environment now, you will see that recycling bottles have taken over everywhere, floating the community. We taught the youths basic knowledge on how to turn all wastes at their disposal into money through packing the pet bottles floating the streets to recycling plants and turning it money.

“We taught them how to turned waste plastics bottles to planting pots that could later metamorphosis to money for them. The Foundation made them to understand the important of indigenous languages in the society, how to utilise other wastes at their disposal to become more useful and to know the importance of education, personal relationships in the society.

“The students also taught on how to imbibe reading skills which had gone astray in Nigerian students.”
Salvador, opined that she established the NGO as a way of giving back to the society not because she wanted to gain political strength.
“Am a politician, my master in politics is different. I didn’t established my NGO because of political ambition but just to encourage youths have better future. Despite be a politician doesn’t stopped anybody from giving back to the society. Am doing this to contribute my quota for more developmental society.”
The NGO founder and philanthropist, also encouraged youths not to forget their culture and indigenous languages where ever they may find themselves, saying culture and languages are very important in the society.

She vowed to sustained the initiative as long as she lives on earth.
Also speaking at the event, Chief Executive Officer, Amazon Wonderland of Africa, Mrs Bola Awokoya, hailed Salvador of the commendable initiatives.
“Am very impressed when I saw the outcome of this initiative. You can see the way the children are speaking in bold and confidence. They are taking away many things, of course, which they didn’t know before.
“According to them, they can plant, write better than before, developed reading skills which primarily should be their major focus now. When you catch them young at the tender age, they would be able to achieve their potentials.”

Mrs Awokoya, advised youths to cultivate reading skills despite the environment they might find themselves. She added that environment they lived might hindered or not conducive enough, but they should find time out of no time to make reading their habitual daily skills. Nobody can take away what they have already known.

“I implore them to dig deep in reading literature books that can acquaint them with more knowledge and understanding, make dictionaries become more of their familiar friends, doing this will enable them performing excellent in their academic. They should have spirit of keeping every environment they find themselves very clean. Cleanliness is godliness.”

She appealed to Nigeria leaders to be passionate in being brothers keepers. They should adopt community and community too should adopt themselves, She added.


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