July 14, 2024

Murder Of Ecuador Presidential Candidate Fulfils Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy

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Ecuador was thrown into a confused state earlier today following the gruesome murder of a leading presidential candidate, Fernando Villavicencio who was shot dead at his campaign ground in the morning.

Fernando Villavicencio, a member of the country’s national assembly, was attacked as he left the event in the capital, Quito, on Wednesday.

He is one of the few candidates to alleged links between organized crime and government officials in Ecuador.

His murder has exposed the political tension in the country ahead of the presidential election that will be held later this month.

Meanwhile, a Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele revealed in his annual prophecy book, Warnings To The Nations (2022/2023 edition) that he foresees Ecuador swimming in political tension among other prophecies for the country.

The prophet stated in 2022 that there will be so many conflicts in the country and the nation will be rocked with different attacks. It was also in this edition that the prophet revealed that the president, Guillermo Lasso will face a vote of no confidence as people will call for his resignation.

‘’The country will face political tension. They will protest against the president and a vote of no confidence will be passed on him. The citizen will go against the policy of the government and the government will not perform well. The government will have several constraints and must be careful in the coming elections not to lose his position and for his party not to be condemned. The government will fail to achieve big. There will be a lot of developmental projects to be carried out in the country that will worry the government. There will be too much of conflicts in the country. There will be protests and attacks in the country. There will be things that will come up in the country that will bring issues for the country. The country will protest against hardship, injustice and Human Rights abuse and of course, the country will face several challenges’’

It is on record that in 2022, there was a massive protest against President Guillermo Lasso and the national assembly had to pass a vote of no confidence on him which he survived. It is obvious that every Primate Ayodele’s statement regarding the nation of Ecuador has come to pass taking a look at his prophetic statement.

Starting from the beginning, the country has just been pushed into a period of political tension with the murder of Fernando, there have been protests and votes of no confidence on the president. The citizens have also stood against the president’s policies and this informed the protest that led to the vote of no confidence. There are issues of hardship, injustice, and human rights abuses already. Truthfully speaking, everything happening in Ecuador sums up Primate Ayodele’s prophecies on the country to be confirmed.

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