July 14, 2024

New Twist Set to Unfold on New Episodes of Buri as Incriminating Documents Emerge 

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Alhaji Abu Mansur’s bid to uncover members of his families plotting his downfall took a positive turn in the recently aired episodes of Buri on Africa Magic Hausa.

After suffering Retrograde Amnesia, Mansur developed distrust for everyone close to him, despite the efforts of his wives and siblings to prove their genuine care for his wellbeing. However, in recent episodes, the business mogul has started to develop some form of trust in Malam Hadi, his gateman, who accidentally happened to have been a close confidant of his before he lost his memory.

In good faith, Malam Hadi has been holding secret meetings with Abu Mansur to aid his recovery by sharing necessary details of his past life  as well as to protect him against suspected traitors in his house. In Episode 7, Malam Hadi returned a file given to him by Mansur, noting that it contained incriminating documents alleging that Maryam, one of Mansur’s wives, had been plotting evil against him.

Interestingly, Maryam has been making efforts to earn Mansur’s trust to no avail. On the other hand, the two wives, Hajiya Fatima and Maryam have been at loggerheads over the latter’s reckless spending habits, thereby lending credence to the suspicion that she was planted in the business mogul’s life to ruin him. Who planted her? And what is in the file Malam Hadi handed over to Alhaji Mansur?

Meanwhile, business competitors who desperately want Abu Mansur dead were also seen plotting on finding a way to harm Mansur’s first wife, Hajiya Fatima because she has allegedly been frustrating their various plans. Will she survive? Or Will Alhaji Mansur suffer another fatal setback?

Find answers to these questions every weekend between Thursday and Sunday at 7:30pm to watch the drama unfold on Africa Magic Hausa (Dstv ch 154 and GOtv ch 4). Repeat broadcasts hold every 9am the following morning after an original broadcast.

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