July 22, 2024

Nigeria Raw Materials, Manufacturing & Equipment Unveils Exciting Plans for the 2023 Expo

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President of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Otunba Francis Meshioye, unveiled key information about the upcoming 8th Edition of the Nigeria Manufacturing and Equipment Expo (NME) and the 9th Edition of the Nigerian Raw Materials Expo (NIRAM).

In a Press conference on Monday in Lagos, MAN President said these events are organized by MAN and the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC), in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, and the Federal Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.
Meshioye expressed his gratitude to the media for their consistent support since the project’s inception in 2016. He emphasized the crucial role of the media in providing extensive coverage and publicity to the Expo, contributing to its success over the years.
The theme for the 2023 event is “Future Manufacturing: A roadmap to an enabling environment with sustainable industrialisation Manufacturing sector”. He noted that this theme reflects the need for forward-thinking, environmentally responsible, and industry-supportive strategies in manufacturing, highlighting the pivotal role of manufacturing in economic and social development in the region.
The President stressed the Expo’s significance as the preeminent event covering all aspects of the manufacturing value chain. The focus this year is on innovative strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and sustainable practices that can contribute to the growth of the African manufacturing ecosystem. Topics of discussion will include disruptive technologies like Blockchain, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Green Energy, and Augmented Reality, which are shaping the future of manufacturing.
He also emphasized the importance of harnessing these innovations to foster self-sufficiency and the use of locally sourced raw materials. Highlighted the significance of financing and logistics support services in driving manufacturing endeavors.
The 2023 NME will take place from November 21st to 23rd, 2023, at the Convention Centre, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. The event provides a vital platform for manufacturers to explore novel production processes that enhance output, reduce expenses, elevate product quality, and diversify into new product lines.
As part of the Expo, the Manufacturing Partnership for African Development (mPAD) conference will bring together thought leaders in the manufacturing sector, policymakers, and government regulatory agencies to address challenges and generate innovative ideas for industry growth. Prof. Pat Utomi and distinguished manufacturers will lead these discussions he disclosed.
Additionally, the Raw Material Research & Development Council (RMRDC) will offer masterclasses featuring the latest research findings, and there will be a Women in Manufacturing session, allowing accomplished women in the field to share their experiences with aspiring female manufacturers.
The media’s role as strategic partners to provide extensive publicity was acknowledged, and it was emphasized that attendance is free, but preregistration is required for effective planning and coordination. Registration details are available in marketing brochures.

Also speaking at the event Director-General/CEO, Raw Materials Research and Development Council(RMRDC), Prof. Hussaini Doko Ibrahim,   “our collaboration with MAN is strategic as the roles complement each other. This underscores our partnership in co-hosting these yearly expositions to maximise the benefits to our common stakeholders, who continually aim to reduce the cost of manufacturing amid the rising cost of raw materials and process equipment.

“On our part, the Council has assiduously worked over the years with stakeholders to increase manufacturers’ access to both basic and secondary raw materials. The primary production of several strategic agricultural raw materials like cotton, sorghum, tomatoes, cocoa, sheet trees, oil palms, soya beans, cane sugar, cashew, fruits and sesame have been boosted by providing specific farmers with improved seeds or seedlings as the case might be.

“Also, establishing over fourty pilot plants at the recently inaugurated Raw Materials and Development Council’s Technology and Innovation Complex, Obasanjo Space Centre, Airport Road, Abuja, is a testimony to our unwavering commitment to ensuring competitiveness in raw materials and products development.

“The pilot plants at the complex signpost the Nigerian ‘’I Can Do spirit’’ as it has emerged as a unique manufacturers’ hub.  It beckons venture capitalists to replicate the plants across the country for increased manufacturing activities even as their feasibility/viability and the capability of Nigerian Engineers to design and fabricate manufacturing equipment have been astutely demonstrated by the quality of indigenous engineering prowess brought to bear in putting the Technology and Innovation Complex together.

“Also, the centre has developed technologies that can produce caustic soda, soap noodles, calcium carbonate, lovastatin, herbal medicine, calcined kaolin, chemicals, talc, hydrated lime, essential oil, API from Mushrooms, Artemesia and triple concentrate tomato paste, which are secondary raw materials which are hitherto with limited local inputs and heavily imported. The technical feasibility/viability of all these have been ascertained and need scaling up for investment.

“These innovations and their products would be on display at the expo alongside other local raw materials and products with the hope that a detailed exposê of the nation’s raw materials and their potential to grow the manufacturing sector will be made.”

The President of MAN, Otunba Francis Meshioye extended a warm welcome to the press and expressed the hope that the 2023 NME/NIRAM Expo will receive top priority across various media platforms. Otunba Francis Meshioye concluded the conference by making himself available for questions from the press

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