The Nigerians resident in the diaspora are not happy with daily occurrences back home, we might be enjoying standard life in our various foreign countries with stable electricity, adequate security, and respect for human lives, but we are not just happy with what our people are passing through in Nigeria.

The lack of value for human life and respect for humanity has driven many of our talented and hardworking youths out of the country and makes them look like nuisances on the streets of other smaller African countries. Nigerian youths are now ATMs to foreign police and other law enforcement agencies, it will surprise you to know that in some African countries the police and immigration daily raid Nigerians apartments harass, and arrest them for no offense and as soon as they take them to their station or along the road, they ask them to bail themselves by collecting money or their cell phones and in some cases both.

Nigerians are not valued or respected anywhere anymore simply because of the attitude and conduct of some of our so-called public officials. Government policy should be more inhumane and see to the welfare of the citizens and most especially our youths and women that are expected to give birth and train our future leaders.

Our youths are left out in terms of everything in this country, they are only valued and useful for our politicians during electoral campaigns and elections to help carry out series of political violence just to get them into power and these same youths are left on the streets to vend for themselves as soon as these politicians are through sworn into office.

Nigerian youths are smart, intelligent, courageous, hardworking, and strong; all they need from the government is little investment such as skill acquisition and vocational centers across the country where we can always harness their potentials for the growth and security of the country.

No country will ever grow or develop without youths that have been prepared to make such a country grow.

Our political space needs to be cleansed and made very enticing for every noble and human capital development-oriented person to join for the betterment of Nigeria. I want to advocate for a minimum wage salary structure for our politicians as well just as anyone in Nigeria and the constituency allowances should be added on to the local government allocation for better usage within their locality since the local government is closer to the grassroots and the masses than those in Abuja.

At this stage in life as a nation, Nigeria should be an industrial hub of West Africa if not Africa. We have everything to our advantage i.e. the market, able and smart youths, very daring people that believe in hard work.

FG/ National Assembly should empower the local government with funds to carry out most of the social amenities that will be a direct benefit of the people all around the country and this initiative will bring governance direct to the steps of every citizen and they will be the witness to the government projects and not just read about projects been commissioned on the pages of newspapers and political party website without any benefit to them.

While I criticize the poor state of Nigeria’s affairs at the moment, I will want to acknowledge the efforts of some wonderful Nigerians that are daily thinking of a better Nigeria. I want to appreciate our resilient Nigerian youths even though they have not been carried along or catered for in any of the government budgets, but, some of you are still trying hard daily to make your families and nation proud one way or another.

We should value a very good life more than money, we all need the money and no one can achieve anything without money, but money is a dangerous weapon in the hands of youths without good character and nationalism spirit.

I want to advise my brilliant and great youths to always work for the good of Nigeria because I know this phase shall pass also. We should keep speaking out peacefully and demand what is due us, we should always remember home is home, Nigeria is the only country some of us have no matter the type of your passports or borrowed nationality let’s not destroy Nigeria because of the actions of some people in power today, tomorrow will be greater.

I want our immigration and other security agencies at our border posts to always think of the future of their children in rendering service noble service to Nigeria, lets collectively prevent the exportation of bad characters among us to other countries, these individuals are sponsored and transported by some unscrupulous people to go out and disgrace well behaved Nigerians all around the world.

Our inter-country transport companies should be properly regulated by law that will prevent them from carrying passengers across Nigeria borders without proper documentation and means of identifications that are verifiable. Many of our innocent youths are all-around other countries being forced to do work is not dignifying, many of them were tricked or lured to believe that there is a well-paid job for them outside Nigeria.

Let’s be vigilant of those human traffickers that always visit our villages and parents tricking them to hand over their children to them with a promise of a better life elsewhere, many of those innocent children are on the streets in the Republic of Benin, Togo, Ghana and many other places doing prostitution and other bad works, in most cases your children are sold into prostitution against their will. Our embassies outside Nigeria are not funded enough to cater for the welfare of Nigerians in the diaspora hence all the parents should up their game and protect their children from those wicked traffickers.

We may have a weak or bad governance system that could not protect the lives of its citizens, but we are Nigerians with strong family values. Let’s protect our children, they are our future.


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