July 14, 2024


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Alhaji Abdulkareem Oluwatoyin Bada,the family head of Ojomo-Eyisha family in Ewe-Agbigbo land in Lagos State has come out with unalloyed supports drawn from family members to debunked the claims by the Osu-Apena families of Itire Lagos claiming blood relations with the main Ojomo-Eyisha family clans of Ewe-Agbigbo land in lagos.

Accordingly, Alhaji Bada narrated Osu-Apena families were in-laws to us and not entitled to any Chieftaincy tittles or in anywhere bloodly related to the family. Osu-Apena came with his twins Sister Aina Eesu who got married to Akinsete Aboki Bada in Ewe-Agbigbo land, the marriage produced no child, Both Twin sister and Brother returned back to Itire land where they came from after the death of Aboki Bada.

The family head further clarifies that its been since 1912 after the death of Aboki Akinsete Bada that Aina Eesu who did not give birth to any child for Aboki Akinsete Bada and twins brother collaborated with some other land grabbers laying claims on Ewe-Agbigbo lands ,the matter attracted court case filed Suit No.124/1912 against Osu-Apena their in-laws and others. Its on record that Aina Eesu and Osu-Apena her brother both swore an oath that they are not members of Eyisha family,that Aina Eesu was only related to Akinsete Aboki Bada as wife and Osu-Apena as in laws respectively at the court.

Following the background, the Ojomo Eyisha family of Odi-Olowo town and Chieftaincy history started with Idowu Ojomo Eyisha or ‘Esha’ who founded Ewe- Agbigbo land where Odi-Olowo,Ilupeju and many other towns situated. Eyisha had five children namely; Ikuyigbe,Eyibilu,Owutan,Ibesi and Oduntan also called ‘Odunran’ or ‘Bodunrin’. Oduntan had no children but others who were all females got married and had children, their children who now constitue Ojomo Eyisha family of today.

Chief Hamzat Abiodun Alli Alagbede,The Baale of Ilupeju is from the Ikuyigbe Branch. Ibesi got married to Chief Aromire of lagos Island,she had Odurombi (F) Odurombi married Alaago Asalu of Obele Odan now Surulere. Odurombi had Ishape, Ayilegun and Akinsete Aboki Bada.

Forward to the demise of HRM Oba Fatai Irawo, the late Oba of Odi-Olowo who hailed from Ojomo-Eyisha family,The Osu-Apena family where Sikirulahi Olumide Williams belongs begin another schemes to be installed as the Oba Odi-Olowo,a Chieftaincy tittle which they were not entitled nor bloodly related to by virtues of not being members of the Ojomo-Eyisha.

Its to be known to the general public that The Ojomo-Eyisha family are the owners of Ewe-Agbigbo land with documents Surveys and no stranger be allowed on the throne. It was also discovered after thorough investigations that Osu-Apena families has fraudulently registered a false Chieftaincy declaration claiming to be Ojomo-Eyisha family members among several other lies being falsified to Lagos state government which did not tally with the Native Laws and customs of Ojomo-Eyisha Chieftaincy in respect to the Odi-Olowo Stool.

As responsible family, the case of this struggles also got to the court with Suit No.ID /6895GCMW/2020 to challenge the contents and validity of the said Chieftaincy declaration,also to declared that Osu-Apena is not members of Ojomo-Eyisha family that Chieftaincy declaration be set aside, furthermore,we filed a motion for injunctions restraining the defendants listed as follows: Lagos State government, Attorney general and commissioner for Justice Lagos states, Commissioner for local government and community Affairs, Osu-Apena family which is the lineage of Sikirulahi Olumide Williams, and other defendants. It was stated clearly in the Suits number above that status quo be maintained that nobody should enthrone anybody as Oba of Odi-Olowo pending the determination of the Suit. The court processes was served on defendants and stil pending in court.

Sikirulahi Olumide Williams is non members to Ojomo-Eyisha family lineage,It is to be known that Sikirulahi Williams is a son to Ayisat from Osu-Apena lineage which had failed in claiming any inheritance from the Family hitherto.

Despite the court pending case, it is a surprise that Lagos state government and its functionalities as defendants could descend so low to the extent of disrespecting the court and the Rule of law and move ahead to enthrone one of the members of the 6th defendant in the Suits as King without regard to the pendency of the Court Case and the motion for injunction pending in Court.

As we know as Nigerian citizens and Lagos indegene that status quo is supposed to be maintained when there is a pending court action,that no party is entitled to alter any change or position of the Case,but that the lagos state action to defy Court position and installed a king leaves much to be desired and its such an embarrassment to the government and its functionalities that swore to defend democracy and rule of law that ensure justice is done to all can engage in this act of disrespect to the oath swore to and move freely to trample on rule of law and right of citizens to approach the Court of law for justice.

From information at our disposal, Ojomo-Eyisha family is aware that Sikirulahi Olumide Williams since Illegal installation has started writing letters to residents of Ewe-Agbigbo land requesting to tender land documents for purpose of repurchasing or ratification on the land. The general public and occupants and companies within Ewe-Agbigbo land especially Ilupeju area are warned not to make any payment to him or anyone claiming to be owners of the land. Anyone who does so does it to his or her perils.

Ewe-Agbigbo land belong to Ojomo-Eyisha family and Sikirulahi Olumide Williams son of Afusat from Osu-Apena family is not a member of the Chieftaincy tittle, the case challenging their membership is still pending in Court of law with Suit No. ID/6895CMW/2020.

For further clarification,please contact the following phone numbers: 08166202037 or 09095190411 or visit No. 38 Ilupeju Road,Ilupeju Lagos.

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