September 23, 2023

Opolo ati Ewa Celebrates her JLOUD Party/Award Night

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A Non – Governmental Organisation, ‘Opolo ati Ewa’ Celebrates her JLOUD Party/Award Night. 

In her opening remarks the President and Founder, Chief Adenike Olumide-Emmanuel said JLOUD is an acronym for Just Live Out Ur Destiny. 

During the event, members of Opolo ati Ewa displayed their talents via a Business Competition after which prizes where given to the winners.

OPOLO ATI EWA gave Awards to people who were worthy. These included those that had been coming to the Roundtable for past years and people that had been consistent in the programme. In total, 6 awards were given out.

Mrs Nanas Mozimos Temienor received two awards. The first for Best Volunteer of the Year and the second for Outstanding Opolo ati Ewa. This second award came with a Business Grant of One Hundred Thousand Naira only. Of course, she was surprised.

Also CEO, CYWE International Limited, Mrs. Nwamaka Okeke delivered a lecture on How to Manage a Successful Business.

She narrated how she started her business with just one thousand naira (#1000) only. “After my University education, I joined the labour market and started as a teacher. In 2001, I left teaching for network marketing and that took me eight years. In 2009 I had an opportunity through the Lagos State government to join the women who were trained in soap making and with just One Thousand Naira (#1000) only, I startee my soap making business. After a while, I noticed most ladies wanted to become white and in the process they had different colours. So I went into herbal cosmetics production. I combined herbs with cosmetics so that there will be a change. That was when I gave birth to CYWE cosmetics and it has been doing great till today.

She advised others to be courageous and not to give up on their dreams. She also advised that female entrepreneurs be desperate and passionate about their Ideas.

In addition, she advised that we develop our children because they have great potentials and talents within them. In her words, “Let’ s help them to develop their talents and build them up for a better future”.

The JLOUD Award Night Party was an amazing one where everyone had great fun. Indeed, at Opolo ati Ewa, Brains and Beauty are Redefined.

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