July 14, 2024

“Oyo HOS Urges professional online Journalists Association of Nigeria to Champion Developmental Journalism”

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By Olawale Rotimi

In a bid to elevate journalistic standards and promote societal progress, Oyo State’s Head of Service, Mrs. Olubunmi Oni, mni, recently engaged members of the professional online Journalists Association of Nigeria, urging them to embrace Developmental Journalism as a core focus in their daily reporting.

During a cordial gathering at her office within the Secretariat in Ibadan, Mrs. Oni conveyed the indispensable role journalists play as pivotal stakeholders in nation-building. She emphasized their unique position as the Fourth Estate of the realm, entrusted with the crucial responsibility of holding those in power accountable while keeping the public well-informed.

“Journalists are the guardians of truth and the voice of the people,” Mrs. Oni remarked. “Your commitment to disseminating accurate information is paramount in fostering peace, unity, and progress within our society.”

Highlighting the significance of ethical standards and investigative reporting, Mrs. Oni stressed the importance of maintaining journalistic integrity to uphold public trust. She underscored the necessity for journalists to delve deeper into issues, uncovering truths that drive positive change and societal development.

Moreover, Mrs. Oni affirmed the administration’s unwavering support for the media industry, pledging to collaborate closely with journalists and provide opportunities for continuous training and skill enhancement.

Responding to Mrs. Oni’s call to action, Mr. Kehinde Sonala, a respected member of the professional online Journalists Association of Nigeria, lauded the state government’s decision in appointing Mrs. Oni as the Head of Service. He described her appointment as a testament to the government’s commitment to appointing competent individuals to key positions, fostering growth, and development across the state.

“Mrs. Oni’s leadership embodies a perfect fit for the role,” Mr. Sonala remarked. “Her appointment signifies a progressive step towards achieving excellence in governance and administration.”

As the discourse concluded on a note of collaboration and shared vision, Mrs. Oni and the members of the professional online Journalists Association of Nigeria, expressed optimism for a future marked by impactful journalism and mutual cooperation in advancing the interests of the state and its citizens.

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