July 14, 2024

Primate Ayodele Releases 2022 Prophecies

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Primate Ayodele Releases 2022 Prophecies

The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has released his prophecies for 2022 as it is usual of him to be the first to release new year prophecies among prophets in the country.

The man of God presented the 2022 prophecies on Wednesday, 22nd of December, 2022 at his Lagos church in the presence of renowned media practitioners from different parts of the world.

The 90-paged 2022 prophecies signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, featured topical revelations and issues about all sectors of the society including politics, governance, economy, education, sports, security, to mention a few.

Below are few highlights of Primate Ayodele 2022 prophecies:


The spirit of God says a lot will happen in 2022 which will really affect the World leaders. I foresee issues like economic instability, insecurity, health related problems and climate change crises. I foresee that in 2022, some countries of the world from the various Continents especially the African Continent and Nigeria in particular will have so much to contend with; these are issues that will affect the countries internally and externally. The spirit of God revealed to me that we are going to have 160 days that will not be palatable in some parts of the world, the African Continent and Nigeria. The 160 days in Nigeria and Africa will be terrible because Corona virus—Covid19 upsurge will take another dimension. The spirit of God says Strong wind will cause destructions in different parts of the world and also in Nigeria. I foresee there will be a new disease that will surface in the world.

Let us pray not to lose of an ex-president and a sitting president either that will slump or have health crises. Let us pray against military coup in some parts of Africa and the world. I foresee the world will not be at peace as so many things will come up.

I foresee that a top footballer, a Musician and a boxer will pass away in the world. I also foresee the death of a renowned Poet Writer. The spirit of God says we need to pray so as to avert all these negative signals in the year 2022.

The fourth COVID 19 wave will affect United States of America and the United Kingdom even as some other countries will have partial lockdowns. Let us pray against explosion in the world at large including countries like: Spain, Italy, France, Sierra Leone, Senegal and Madagascar. Many countries like: France, UK, USA, Canada, Israel, Germany will experience flooding and even some countries will also experience earthquake. Furthermore, countries like: Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Sudan, South Korea, Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Senegal will also experience flooding.


Africa will fight for their Rights especially from the slave trade era. They will call for the release of some of their artefacts and assets from the white people and also take them to court. There will be slavery, child trafficking, human trafficking, racism and false labour. Government will be given a summit of world leaders to discuss about the aforementioned so as to seek for lasting solutions The world leaders will be so troubled about the global economy because so many countries will not be able to sustain themselves. The world leaders will look for possible means to see how they can tackle the world economic crises that will be fluctuating. Africa Nations will be affected by all these crises and banks, insurance and some capital market companies that are not healthy will shut down There is a need to push for a global conference to discuss global issues. United Nations and the European Union will be troubled. America will engage in a lot of mediation to promote peace. Some countries will be troubling the world such that the world leaders will be unstable. Some countries will be experiencing climatic problems caused by natural disasters that can lead to sudden deaths. It can be caused by heavy rain that will destroy lives and properties. In addition, some countries will be affected by storms, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes in the different parts of the world.


The spirit of God says that we must pray against the demise of a great footballer. Let us pray against the death of a footballer that is still in active service. Let us pray against the demise of an elder statesman in Nigeria and in other countries in Africa.


I foresee a major security threat, troubles and plane crash in the World. I foresee that an American, Canadian, Turkish, Chad, Cameroon, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Russian and Nigerian Air force so that any of this aircrafts will not crash. I foresee a Military Base attacked in Africa. Mali, Burkina Faso, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Uganda, Burundi, Guinea, Cameroon and Nigeria must be very careful so as to avert an attack on their military facilities.


Some PDP core cabals will gang up against the new chairman. PDP must be very vigilant so that they won’t make mistakes which will affect their chances of coming to power. I foresee there will be devolution of power in Nigeria in the future. The Honourable Speakers in the States House of Assembly will do things on their own as Rules will not pass through the offices of governors any longer. People will not accept autonomous power. Buhari government will fail to address the problems of insecurity, corruption, Fulani herdsmen attacks and many more. Nigerians should expect so many things towards 2023 election that will stand as a miracle or a mirage so says the Lord. Some states will collapse because they will not be able to meet up with the needs of the workers because of debt. This will more pronounced in the year 2022, where some states will be begging for bail outs from the Federal Government while some states will borrow because they don’t have enough money to control and manage the affairs of the state. Government will run after some churches in Nigeria. People will protest against stray bullet by the Police Force I foresee uprising, uproar and killings in some parts of Nigeria. There will be attacks and confusion in some parts of Nigeria. The spirit of God says the economy will remain unhealthy. Crises will erupt in schools to the effect that students will be kidnapped, strange attacks on students and school premises. Let us pray against attacks on the Palace of Emirs, strange killings targeted at important personalities (Police, Honourables, Senators, Business tycoon and even ordinary people) even as the spirit of God says Church premises must be guided and protected as uncertainties and insecurity will loom large. Nigerians must be watchful of the political drama and stalemate that will be prevalent in parts of Nigeria. The spirit of God says herdsmen will become full blown terrorists as they will become something else in terms of their modes of operation. I foresee that Pensioners will have problems in the early parts of the year 2022. I foresee protests in some sectors of the economy against the unpopular policies of government. There will be different groups in Nigeria coming together to define the qualities they want in the President that Nigeria needs either from the North, East, West or South. They will definitely come out to voice out their opinions. I foresee that people from different groups and backgrounds in Nigeria will clearly spelt out the defining characteristics and qualities of the leaders they want. Nigeria needs a lot of prayers for the country to be saved from the looming dangers. Nigerians must fight against bad leadership says the Lord and also pick the right leaders. Anyone who is coming forward to become the President of Nigeria without the requisite qualities will damage the fabric joining us together and also sink the country. In 2022, Buhari should watch his health in January, March, June, August and September.


The spirit of God says in the month of March, July, September, November and December the Presidential Jets must be checked properly so that they will not have technical faults that will cause any catastrophe.


I foresee that the All Progressives Congress APC and the People Democratic Party PDP will start making political moves towards 2023 polls. Let us pray against political wars among members of the PDP and the APC. I foresee cross carpeting between the two parties. I foresee commotion in the Senate and the House of Representatives in Nigeria. This period of time needs prayers as we must pray against the death of a former President. The spirit of God says there will be political excesses on the part of the Buhari government. The spirit of God says political watchers and Observers will frown at this. The Lord revealed to me that Buhari will finish his second term in office though I foresee ups and downs. I foresee that things will be so bad in the country towards the end of the tenure of the Buhari administration that will affect the rich and the poor, the young and the old. Of course, we need prayers to help the country so that the nation can have a better future and a good measure of what will take the country to the next level positively.

Hear this, Nigeria cannot break before 2023 and there is no restructuring that this government will do no matter the protest; the Buhari government will not do any restructuring. All selfish agitators are just working in vain. Nigeria will not be the same again towards the end of the Buhari government and this will affect the government of whoever is taking over the reign of government from Buhari. Nigeria cannot come out of poverty no matter what the government is doing, there will be no improvement it is going to get worse.

The voice of God said to me that Nigeria will only try to improve so as to be able to survive the present situation. The activities of the Cabal are really frustrating the efforts of government and this is increasing day in day out as revealed by the spirit of God. Some companies will be indicted in government White papers on Commission of enquiries. I foresee that before the expiration of the tenure of some governors, there is going to be a lot of things that the governments at the state levels will want to do in order to put smiles on the faces of the poor. However, the more they will be doing this, the more the problems. The spirit of God says only God can help the nation. Nigeria needs prayers as the country working as one nation may be very difficult. SOLUTION: Its either we practice true Federalism or the country breaks. This might take some time; these are the options or viable alternatives that will make the staying together or otherwise be peaceful. Anything outside of this will continue to make the country to be having same problems and the problems will be generating more troubles except we do the needful. The spirit of God says I should tell this government now that this is the solution that will pacify the people. I foresee that in the year 2022 Nigeria will witness or experience an environmental problem in some oil fields in the country which will make some people to protest. I foresee adjustments in some of the government programmes.

I foresee that the government will do all within its powers to bring sanity into the system. In spite of this, the Nigeria economy will still be unhealthy and will be trouble shooting. The country will be unstable in terms of security and political activities. I foresee that Nigeria will be passing through a transitional period that will be generating various ideas that will bring forth various matters and issues. There is the urgent need to be praying for this country because there will be a lot of criminal acts. The scope of the criminality will be increasing day to day.


The spirit of God says the best people that can make the APC to be much focused and firm are Ali Modu Sheriff and Kashim Shettima. The following states in Nigeria must be careful so that the Opposition Party will not take over the reign of government of the state. ü Cross River ü Kano ü Kaduna ü


I foresee that the Opposition can take over the reign of government in the states if there is no rigging.


The state of Zamfara and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja is shaking except the leading parties re-strategize properly. In these places, the governments must work very hard for them not to have problems.


Governor Dapo Abiodun will have to struggle more than it was the case during his first term campaigns to secure his second term in office. He will be challenged and people will call for indirect primaries in Ogun State. He will face multi-various crises; people will decamp from his party to another party and also EFCC will probe his commissioners. Governor Dapo Abiodun must pray not to lose any of Aides and commissioners. The spirit of God says he needs payers not to be bereaved even as the state will run into financial crises. I foresee that the State Assembly members will want to gang up against the Speaker. His administration will be challenged because I foresee that his predecessor will want to fight him and will not want him to succeed. There is no amount of reconciliation that can happen between Dapo Abiodun and Ibikunle Amosun that will produce good results; this is the reason why APC must be prayerful and also re-strategize so as to come out victorious in the battle for the soul of Ogun state. If the animosity continues, APC will find it difficult. If the PDP forms a coalition it can spring a surprise at the polls in Ogun state. If the PDP picks the wrong candidate, they won’t get it at all. Nobody will vote for Oladipupo Adebutu. Ogun State governor needs prayers and more work. His efforts will not be appreciated; he will get tired, make wrong pronouncements and also make series of mistakes. The spirit of God says he must retrace his steps. He must also pray concerning his health. Governor Dapo Abiodun should have common understanding with the Deputy Governor. There will be misunderstanding between Dapo Abiodun and Noimot Salako-Oyedele. Ogun state needs prayers not to lose a prominent person, a king, a professor, an Accountant and a lawyer. Let them pray not to lose a prominent top chief in Egba Land. They should also pray against crises in the Ijebu waterside area of the state and also pray against communal crises. I foresee that some Commissioners will resign in Governor Dapo Abiodun’s cabinet. The spirit of God says Senator Ibikunle Amosun’s projects will be probed. Nigerians will see drama in the Ogun state politics. I foresee that it will be scene by scene and also in segments by segments. The state should be prayerful and watchful of attacks in the villages and attacks on farmers. The state needs a lot of prayers. Ogun State should go into three (3) days prayers in the beginning of January 2022. They should also pray against gas explosions and fire outbreak in the market. The State APC party chairman and the governor must be united in the interest of the Party.


The ticket will be a tough one. They will want to do everything to trouble the present and incumbent person. If Odebiyi strategizes very well, he will retain the post but will also be manipulated. He should re strategize because of too much pressure. They want to take it away from him at all cost. Gboyega Nasir Isiaka must not waste his money over the election. Biyi Otegbeye must not waste his money because he will not get it. This election will be serious. It will involve so many people and people’s conscience will be taken away from them because of so much pressure. Ogun West Senatorial primaries will not be easy in the coming year.


I foresee there will be problems for the APC in 2023 towards the next election. They need to do all that is necessary in order to prevent failure in the coming year.


The spirit of God says the governor of Oyo state must not allow anyone to decamp from his cabinet. He must put in more efforts. I foresee a Coalition will be formed against him. The governor will make good efforts. The Party should pray not to lose any of their leaders in PDP. I foresee the APC in Oyo state will form a special slogan for the governor. The Governor should pray and put in more efforts if he wants to retain his seat. He must not overlook anybody. He must humble himself, do more of reconciliation and also involve in extra works. If he doesn’t want to engage himself in all these things aforementioned, he shouldn’t bother going for a second term. God wants him for second term, he must follow due processes. He must do the needful so that he can retain the seat for second term. There will be a lot of confusion in the Oyo state APC. Getting a successful candidate in APC will be very difficult. There will be different groups with different interests. Leadership in APC will be hard. APC should pray to get the right candidate that will give it a good fight at the polls. APC will not win if they don’t bring out a credible candidate, otherwise, PDP will still retain the governor’s seat. The present government will do a lot to make sure the second term is not rubbished. The PDP must change the Deputy Governor; no matter the situation. Governor Seyi Makinde needs to put his party together.


The spirit of God says governor Oyetola must unite all members of the Osun State House of Assembly as well as the party members. He must work assiduously because there will be a lot of evil perpetrators that will want to frustrate his effort in order for him not to win the second term. All the Who is who should do reconciled in the Osun State APC. I foresee that many of his party members will want to gang up against him. Oyetola must not allow the party members to decamp and also not allow his party to break. He needs prayers to avert negativity and do the needful. They will bring negative reports about the governor. He must pray very hard so that he will succeed. Oyetola will want to change everything about his present seat. It will cause more problems, but if he puts in more efforts and pray very well, he will retain his seat. Oyetola will want to do all he can to retain his seat for the second term. He will want to ensure that the APC excel in the coming election. He should pray not to lose any of his Aides and loyal party members. There will be protest against his government and also negative propaganda. If he puts his house in order, he is going to record victory. Despite the creation of Local Council Development Areas (LCDA), the LCDA will suffer financial crisis. Ademola Adeleke election will suffer setbacks. His governorship ambition will suffer serious setbacks. Let us pray that the crisis between Ife and Modakeke will not resurface. Let us pray against any crisis between the Yorubas and the Hausas in Osun State. The Governor must be modest in his reactions to some issues about his government performances. Some people will want to dig out so many things about Oyetola. PDP will face crisis in the selection of his candidate for the coming election in 2022. The PDP will face crisis in the selection of who will contest against Oyetola. Oyetola will pay pensioners arrears and outstanding debt. Let the state pray not to lose onetime House of Assembly members. They should pray against robbery of banks. Osun State will need money for its projects. Oyetola’s government will be accused by some people and some people will bring allegations against Oyetola’s government. He should expect criticism from the people and be tolerant of it. He should work against leakages in his government. He will face challenges and counter challenges. He must be prayerful so that his cabinet will not do any wrong thing in his government. The state will pay debts. There will be death of a prominent politician. Let them be careful so as to avert crisis in the state. Any election that will not favour the Governor and his supporters will work against it. Only a very strong candidate can unseat Oyetola. If there is no strong opposition candidate, Oyetola will retain his seat in Osun. Within the party, a lot of people will rise to fight Oyetola. This second term will shake Oyetola.


I foresee that there will be kidnappings and robbery that will affect the operations of the banks there. Ekiti state people will face serious economic strangulation and live in abject poverty. Farmers will not be happy, properties and lives will not be secured. Police operatives will be killed. There will be a lot of criminal acts. The outgoing governor will make all efforts to see that he puts Ekiti in good stead. Teachers will be queried and schools will be attacked. The efforts of the government will not be appreciated. There will be disagreement within Fayemi’s caucus. The spirit of God says this is the time that the PDP can win the elections in the state. I foresee the PDP will have internal problems to be sorted out within them. The PDP members will not agree on whom to fly the flag of the Party during the polls. There will be disagreement in Fayemi’s party. The PDP should reposition themselves if they actually want to win in the coming election. If they actually want to win, they need a sellable candidate. There will be many people coming out to contest various positions in the governorship seat in the state. There will be so many people coming out to contest for the governorship in PDP. As regards to the South-West agenda in Ekiti, some people will want to frustrate it. Only the right candidate can give PDP victory. This will bring crisis into the APC. Despite all these, some groups will come out with their own candidate. APC will want to win at all cost. PDP will accuse APC of rigging. If PDP do not allow unity among themselves, APC will win again. There will be different methods to win the election by the APC. APC and PDP, the two parties will spend a lot of money. Fayemi will be struggling to make sure that APC wins at all cost. There will be a slogan against Fayemi. The governor candidate will emerge at the primary. Ekiti teachers will protest against the government. I foresee that the Labour Union will want to go on strike. School owners in Ekiti state will be bittered about the new government policy on education. I foresee that the APC primaries in Ekiti state will not be democratic because the party will be pushing for the governorship seat at all cost. I foresee that the party will break protocols in order that the candidate of choice will emerge. They will promote the Southern Agenda and they will not want to frustrate it. Ekiti APC needs to work very hard so that they can achieve victory in the coming election. The coming election needs prayers so that the election will not be too tough for the ruling party. There will be confusion in Ekiti State House of Assembly. Let us pray so that Ekiti will not lose an Oba. All the Obas in Ekiti must be prayerful for their health. The Oba of Aramoko, Igbara Odo, Oba of Ushi, Oba of Ishan, Oba of Ado-Ekiti, Oba of Igeda, Oba of Ikogosi, Oba of Otun must pray for their health and God’s protection. I foresee that Ekiti state governor will be sued. Farmers will be attacked in Ekiti state even as there will be unnecessary and unexpected gunshot in Ekiti state. Lecturers will have problems in Ekiti State. If PDP produces a right candidate during the election, then there will be total confusion in the APC camp. The governor will be very tactical in holding the party to ransom. The voice of the Lord said to me that PDP should be in accord in order to secure victory. So many people will contest in APC and PDP. The Governor will bought the Party members people so as to manipulate the electoral process. The likes of Senator Bamidele, Senator Adeyeye will be coming out. They will obtain forms to contest for the office of govenor. There will be crisis in APC. They will need mediators to settle the problems otherwise; the people will vote them out. What happened to Fayose will surely happen to the outgoing governor if he failed to listen and do the right thing PDP should pick the right candidate because the candidate will work for them. If PDP wants to win, these are the names of people who can give them victory: ü Segun Oni ü Eleka Olusola ü Bisi Kolawole ü Abiodun Olujimi Although the APC will not be in one accord, however, these candidates are potential winners for the Party as revealed by the voice of the Lord. I foresee that the Ekiti election will be taken as a do or die affair. The APC must agree to field a consensus candidate that can assure the Party of victory. APC must be careful not to have two candidates at their primaries. There will be shooting and stealing of ballot boxes in Ekiti as the governor will want to win the election at all cost. God said election in Ekiti will be money for money. These are the candidates who can give APC or PDP a win and also traditional rulers in Yoruba land. Ekiti state election will favour PDP if they come out with one voice. Card readers will disappoint a lot of people in Ekiti. INEC must improve in their electoral system or else it will cause problems in Osun and Ekiti. INEC should please have plan B because this card reader will disappoint a lot of voters. INEC will take a new step on primaries of the political parties. They will be fully involved Cross River State I foresee that in Cross River, Barrister Nkoyo Toyo and Daniel Asuquo should not waste their money on elections. Both the PDP and the APC need a very good candidate because the election will be tough. APC will want to win by all means, but if the PDP use a good candidate, the Party will win. The spirit of God says the governor will have challenges as people will want to plot against his party. He needs to balance so many things in order to succeed in 2022 and 2023. There will be kidnappings in the state, they must pray against death of a prominent king. The Obong of Calabar should pray for his health and pray not to lose any of his chiefs. The State will run into debts. The Governor will face series of challenges. They will have Party troubles; he should pray that any of his aides will not resign. I foresee that big people in the Party will be confused. Let us pray against Insecurities, ethnicity and attacks on Honourable members of the State House of Assembly. I foresee that Youths will get angry and go on rampaging. Let us pray against explosions in the state. Let us pray against fighting along the borders in Cross-River. The Governor will be accused wrongly. I foresee there will be silent crisis between the governor and the deputy in Cross-River State. I foresee that the incumbent governor must set a target for himself otherwise, his party will lose


I foresee the PDP will win Delta state. The victory will be for any of these candidates: James Augoye, David Edevbie and Otuaro Kingsley. Let us pray against crisis and fighting in Delta State. The state must pray against explosions, ethnic crisis and pray not to lose any of their kings. There will be factions and disagreements on any preferred candidate that Governor Okowa might pick because the founders of the party will want their candidate to emerge in Delta State. Let us pray against protest in the universities in the state. Delta State will improve on its internal security. They will want to agree on zoning but some groups will take steps to frustrate it. Let them pray against political crisis in the state. IMO STATE The spirit of God says in Imo State, PDP will take over the state. No amount of efforts, steps or moves by the government will work. I foresee the Governor will take a very wrong step that will not be appreciated. The spirit of God says the present governor should start packing because he will not retain the position in 2023.


The spirit of God says that scandals will rock the Yahaya Bello Presidential political ambition project.


Dr. Andy Uba of APC can never be governor of Anambra state nor APC members. Prof. Charles Soludo will be sworn as the elected governor.


The spirit of God said to me that the Lagos state government will demolish some houses. I foresee that Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s second term will bring tension to political terrain in Lagos state. If he prays well, he will go for second term but it will be very tough. There will be a lot of rumbles against Sanwo-Olu. He must be very careful. There is a lot to settle for Sanwo-Olu to have his second term in Lagos State. His second term is still under consideration as revealed by the spirit of God. His second term is going to be causing agitation among the political leaders in Lagos State. He will struggle for his second term. The Muslims in APC will be fighting for the post of governor. There will be a serious propaganda against him. He will be blackmailed. There will be new office block for Lagos State House of Assembly in nearest future. People who will want to run for positions in the House of Assembly will be disappointed. A chairman will be suspended in Lagos State. Someone who wants to run for political elective post will be disappointed. Some group will be clamoring for their candidate to survive. Lagos State will be cash-strapped. Lagos State will request for loan. Sanwo-Olu should watch after his health Let us pray not to lose any sitting chairman and counselor in Lagos State. Let us pray for all Sanwo-Olu’s aides for God’s protection. Let us pray against bloodletting in Lagos State. Let us pray against the death of a prominent ex-police officer in Lagos. Let us pray not to record fire outbreak in any government apartment that will cause Lagos State to lose a lot of money. I foresee that some of the Sanwo-Olu Aides will disappoint him. It is going to be a tough battle for APC in Lagos. The Lord said that APC in Lagos will do everything possible to retain Lagos economically.


I foresee the people are going to fight a lot and they need to do the needful because if care is not taken, they will only waste their time, energy and more money. Their sponsorers will disappoint them. I am advising Tinubu that nobody wants him at the Federal level. Let him remain in the south west, otherwise, he will lose on both sides. Tinubu should remain in Lagos. He should hold on to Lagos and fight for his soul or his life. Lagos will make APC strong. APC will shake Lagos unless they failed to do the needful. Following the trend, Lagos for Lagos campaign will suffer a major setback. APC must be at alert. Lagos for Lagos will only make noise for nothing unless they do that which is needful, otherwise it will be a failed project, so says the Lord. APC must not do what will corrupt or bring problem to their system. They need to do what is right and necessary. The Government Advisory Committee in Lagos needs prayers for unity so that the Body will not be polarized. They should pray for the protection of all members. The committee must work with one mind for them to be victorious in 2023 because there will be betrayal of trust and they will suspend one of their members. I foresee that the Tinubu ambition at the Federal level will cause problems with some people. He will divide some groups and also regroup the political systems. APC will regroup and re-strategize and also have many factors and issues to contend with. This doesn’t mean that the party is gone in Lagos State. They will fight till their last breath to win the forth coming election in Lagos. APC will make series of efforts and introduce a new formula in order not to fail in Lagos State. I foresee that the APC will spend more than before towards the forth coming election. The election is going to be money for money. Some people will begin to vote against their conscience. It is important the ruling party of any state will struggle not to lose. I foresee that for now, a lot of mistakes will come up on the” Lagos for Lagos” Project. They should prepare for another time. There will be the death of a former Commissioner in Lagos State. Lagos State governor must pray not to be mocked. I foresee that if the PDP members disagree among themselves without taking steps to reconcile their differences during the coming polls, they will lose out rightly. There will major cases decamping from APC to PDP and vice versa. In Lagos state there will be a new traffic law to be introduced by government. The Government wants to be directly involved in the traffic law applications in Lagos state. Lagos state will need external assistance to put traffic crisis in the state in order. The security in Lagos State will want to improve because there will be new CP in Lagos State and New AIG and some DPO’s will be changed. Let us pray against attacks on police convoys and killing of police. Lagos State will be broke. After the convention of the APC there will be some minor disagreements that can aggravate to a major crisis if they are not handled properly. APC Convention will hold but the date might be changed and it will produce a new leadership in some states. So, technically it may not hold on the date earlier advertised. The date is not good for them to hold the convention, let them change the date so they will be able to handle further crisis within the party. If they choose this day, it will cause cracks in the wall of the party.

PDP in Lagos State:

The spirit of God’s says Jimi Agbaje must not contest in order not to lose his money. Let’s pray against Youth protests in Nigeria. In Lagos state, the chances of the second term bid of Sanwo-Olu will be fluctuating, we have to work against all negative manifestations surrounding it. Lagos state government will face unexpected embarrassment; the government must be careful Let us pray so that Lagos state will not experience some political challenges and crisis. They will not acknowledge the efforts of the governor. I foresee that the Lagos State Government Task Forces will fight the riders of tricycles and motorcycles riders which will lead to protests. A lot of things will happen; APC will be confused because of people wanting to mislead the Chairman. They will generate more income despite the downturn in the economy.


There will be change in leadership at the establishment. There will be a new state of affair there. LIRS will make a lot of money. Lagos State will have a new Board of Inland Revenue and they will improve on the welfare of their staff. They will do some operations were they will lock up some companies. They will be rebranded. Let them pray so that none of their staff will be attacked.


The Spirit of God says the Monarch must pray for the Family against negative happenings and must seek for God’s protection. He must also be careful against blackmailing. He must manage his Kingdom very well so that his efforts can be appreciated and his desires achieved. He must also pray not to be bereaved. There will be crisis against his family. The king will be well known but needs to pray to live long


The Lord said to me that the King must pray against so many confrontational matters that will spring up against him. The Monarch must also rebuke Court cases. He must pray for peace in his kingdom because people will want to gang up against him.


The spirit of God says the government has to do something concrete and reasonable on the issue of Youths development. I foresee that the government will want to treat the issues concerning them with un-seriousness by giving them some incentives that will not add values to their future and thus make them irrelevant in the scheme of things. Let us pray against the involvement of the youths in so many negative things. Government will come out with different programmes to pacify the youths.


I foresee that some political gladiators, prominent celebrities and business tycoons will pass away. Let us pray against the death of a serving Judge and a onetime Judge, a onetime Chief of Staff, onetime Senate President and a onetime Speaker of House of Assembly. Let us rebuke the death of a former Central Bank governor, a Professor, a former Rector and also pray against the death of a sitting President in Africa. Let us rebuke the death of a onetime President. Let us pray not to record the death of a sports writer, a journalist, a Publisher, a General Overseer, a popular Preacher, any Presidential Aide and an Educationist. Let us pray against any sickness that will affect a sitting governor and a sitting President. Let us rebuke the death of the wife of a former President. We must pray against multiple deaths as a result of attacks on schools, kidnapping of lecturers, students and expatriate workers. Let us pray so that God can avert all these dangers. There is need for Nigeria to go into serious prayers to avert uncertainties and events that can create tension in the country. I foresee that series of things will be happening that will be scarring. Thus, there is need to come together to fast and pray on the 1st to 7th January and 1st to 7th February 2022 so as to prevent calamities and disasters in our country and the global world. The government must work against Climatic problems as I foresee that harsh climate conditions will threaten some activities in the country. I foresee that the government will come out with different steps on ways to manage the affairs of the country but such steps will not help in the moves to alleviate the sufferings in the country. The spirit of the Lord says there will be confusion and conflicting signals arising from the policy framework of the government. I foresee different steps that the government will take in addressing the problems of the country will not give the expected results. Let us pray against the death of a former governor’s wife. I foresee that Nigeria will close down its Embassy in one foreign country. Nigerians must pray against fire outbreak and attacks in any government secretariat both at the Federal and State level.

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