July 14, 2024

Primate Ayodele Releases 2024 Prophecies, Foresees Assassination Of Sitting President, Governor’s Death, Others

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The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has released a compilation of his prophecies for 2024.

As he is usually the notable prophet who releases his New Year prophecies, the presentation of the 2024 prophecies was done yesterday Friday, 22nd Of December, 2023 at his Church Headquarters in Lagos.

Primate Ayodele’s 2024 prophecies were presented in a 91-page booklet and it contains revelations for every country in the world, personalities, organizations, politicians, government establishments, to mention a few.

Highlights of Primate Ayodele’s prophecies for 2024 are the Nigerian economy and solutions to revive it, death of a serving governor, incapacity of Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, Attack on the Nigeria military, President Tinubu’s administration, off-cycle elections in Nigeria, insecurity, USA election, Ghana election, Nnamdi Kanu, Rivers state politics, Assassination of a sitting president, blood bath in the United States of America, to mention but a few.

Below are some of them:

Nigerian Economy: The economy will be fluctuating (rising and falling} to the extent that the Central Bank of Nigeria will cry out. The opposition will take several steps to fight the present government but they will miss their strategies. The Government palliative is part of the things that is ruining the economy and have not added anything good to the economic revival. Local rice will go to #45,000 Imported rice will be #80,000 Coca cola will be #300 Pure water will be sold at the rate of two for #100. The government is yet to structure the salary properly. The Salary will not help the economy to grow, the workers have not noticed this. Biscuit will go to #100, #150, #200 while a bottle of palm oil will go to #2,000.

THE SENATE PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA : The Senate President Godswill Akpabio will have it rough with some Senators and he will be blasted. I foresee that Senators will look at Akpabio eye to eye and will not see Akpabio as a person who is in control of the Senate Chambers activities. Godswill Akpabio will not be able to say anything, including the policy of the government and everything government is doing is well accepted either good or bad. I foresee that Akpabio will develop hatred for his critics in the Senate as they will be sidelined. Senate president must watch his health seriously in the month of August, September and October, he must not over do things.

GOVERNORS FORUM : The spirit of God says we need to pray fervently so that the Governors Forum will not be bereaved. Let us pray so that the governors will not be getting confused or that the governors will not be trading words with themselves. Let us rebuke through prayers what can cause misunderstanding in the Forum as revealed by the spirit of God. Let us pray so that no governor will be involved is an accident, be indicted before leaving office or lose any of their Aides in terrible circumstances.

Tinubu’s Government: I foresee the Cabals will want to take over the Tinubu government. As a matter of fact Tinubu will be deceived as people will be telling him what he wants to hear. Nigeria will not be the same Nigeria during the Tinubu Government. His efforts will not show as much as expected. There will be serious cases of corruption under his government and nepotism, favoritism and tribalism will be the order of the day in this government The government needs to do a lot that will change and make the government to move forward. People will prevent the President from seeing the truth. This government will not listen to constructive criticisms and will not like the face of Critics.

Military: Let us pray so that external forces will not attack the Nigeria military.

Death Of Politicians: Let us pray not to lose a one-time civilian governor, a one-time Senate President, Speaker House of Representatives and a Speaker of a State House of Assembly. Let us pray against series of strange deaths in the political class in the Months of February, April, July, August and October 2024.

I foresee that some Secretary to the state Government (SSG), Deputy Governors and a Speaker will be removed.

Kidnap: I foresee that a Commissioner and an Aide in a Governor’s convoy will be kidnapped. The spirit of God says Kidnapping will take another dimension. Let us pray for all governor’s in Nigeria that none of them will be bedridden

EDO STATE ELECTION: I foresee that the election in 2024 will shock the ruling party in the State. The ruling party must put their house in order if they depend on this way of fighting for success, the ruling party will lose the election to the opposition. I foresee that the APC desperately wants to win Edo election by putting all their acts together. I foresee there will be a lot of attacks and killings before, during and after the governorship polls. I foresee that the mistake that governor Godwin Obaseki will make the PDP lose the coming election. The spirit of God says as a way out, governor Obaseki must re-strategize quickly before it is too late.

ONDO STATE ELECTION : I foresee that if the ruling party in Ondo State failed to put their house in order, or pick the right person as the governorship candidate the APC will lose the election. This is because all the structures they want to use in Ondo State some of the ruling party members will not abide with them. The ruling party can only win by rigging if the opposition is not ready to take over. I foresee that in the Ondo election, the ruling party will win if they field the right candidate.

NAF: Let’s pray so that a Nigeria Airforce plane will not crash even as prayers are needed so that a Nigeria Police Airplane will not be attacked. Let us pray so that a Nigeria Police Helicopter and another belonging to the Airforce will not be attacked. Let us pray so that no Aero plane will over shoot the runway in Nigeria. Let us pray so that no Nigeria Military barracks will be attacked. Nigeria police must pray not to have problems with the civilian population.

Nnamdi Kanu : The spirit of God says SAMUEL EKPA and NNAMDI KANU will still fight. I foresee division within the ranks of IPOB. The spirit of God says those clamouring for the release of Nnamdi Kanu will not be appreciated in 2024. If they are not very careful, Nnamdi Kanu is risking very Page | 25 long jail term. The spirit of God says Nnamdi Kanu must not be jailed. He deserves no special favor but let there be justice. I foresee that Nnamdi Kanu does not need favor but let there be justice. Nnamdi Kalu does not need special treatment from government but the application of the rule of law as applicable to him. The spirit of God says jailing him will cause chaos especially in the South East.

RIVERS STATE: The spirit of God says Nyesom Wike will decamp to APC. APC in Rivers State will be frustrating the governor Fubara led government. I foresee that even at the federal there will be excesses on the part of top party officials. The spirit of God revealed to me that President Tinubu and Nyesom Wike will have political disagreements leading to a fight. The spirit of God says the APC will later regret bringing Wike into the party. Wike has a mission that can never be accomplished. I foresee that the Governor of Rivers State will be persuaded to bring the former Speaker back. The spirit of God revealed to me that if this should happen, governor Fubara will be on his way out as Governor of Rivers State. His impeachment will be imminent. I foresee that the quarrel between Fubara and Wike cannot be resolved by anybody except God. The spirit of God revealed to me that the Fubara and Wike crises in Rivers State will result to something else that will shake Rivers State violently. I foresee that the peace initiatives in Rivers State will not stand the test of time. They are going to disagree later with some of the resolutions arrived at and as arranged at the Aso Rock Villa under President Tinubu

USA: The spirit of God says in the month of January, February, March and April 2024, the United States of America must be careful same for some parts of Europe as I foresee unexpected attacks that can lead to blood baths.

WORLD AT LARGE: The voice of the Lord whispered to me that in the 2024 we must pray against the assassination of a sitting President, a former President, a Prime Minister and a former Prime Minister whose assassination will be successful. Let us pray against coup in Africa or mounting pressure or uprising that can lead to the removal of a sitting President. The spirit of God says there will be a lot of financial crises globally. I foresee a sitting President will escape assassination. Let us pray there will be no uprising against any President and that no Presidential Villa shall be burnt in the world.

The spirit of God says the world needs prayers against sickness and all forms of difficulties that will make the world to stand still. Let us pray against strange outbreak of diseases. Workers on Humanitarian missions will be kidnapped. Let us Pray so that the United Nations office in any part of the world will not be set ablaze. I foresee there will be troubles in United Nations.

COTE D’IVOIRE ELECTION: I foresee there will be series of conflicts and troubles in Ivory Coast because the Opposition will not want the candidate of President Quattara to become the next ruler of the country. I foresee that Laurent Gbagbo will do everything to become the candidate to become the next president of the country. The spirit of God says the Ivory Coast Opposition Party will have internal wranglings.

POPE : I foresee Pope Francis will be accused because of wrong policy formulations. The spirit of God says the Pope of the Catholic Church must be careful in order not to be attacked. I foresee that he will be criticized globally on some of his views and ideas about religion and the society at large.

PORT HARCOURT REFINERY : I foresee that on the Port Harcourt refinery, the government will not handle the issue of fuel matter properly. The NNPC is just raising our hope over nothing. As it is, the claim on the Port Harcourt is just giving Nigeria hope for nothing that will lead to hopelessness.

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