July 22, 2024

Primate Ayodele’s Fulfilled Prophecies On Gov Adeleke, Plane Crash, Tanker Explosion, Others

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It’s no longer strange that Primate Ayodele’s prophecies come to pass daily, for several years, they have effortlessly been getting fulfilled and sometimes, in a mysterious way.

Primate Ayodele never gets tired of prophesying, there are always new prophecies everyday and in the same vein, his prophecies get fulfilled at every hour.

Despite having over 15,000 fulfilled prophecies, it doesn’t look like Primate Ayodele will stop. He continues to grow prophetically.

Below are some of the newly fulfilled prophecies:

1 Governor Adeleke: The governor of Osun state, Ademola Adeleke recently escaped death when his aircraft caught fire while taking-off. The governor revealed that the engines were tampered with before he and his aides boarded the plane and that the plan was to get them killed. Primate Ayodele in July 2023 in a video publication gave a series of warnings and included that Nigeria needs to pray against accidents among governors.

‘’Let’s pray against building collapse, a very terrible road accident. Let’s pray that any governor will not be involved in any accident including government officials’’.


2 Plane Crash: There was sorrow in Brazil yesterday following the death of 14 people who died as a result of plane crash. Primate Ayodele revealed in august during a video interview that he foresees another plane crash in the world. He mentioned that it can be in any country.

‘’I still see another plane crash. It can be a war plane, American plane, Russia plane, Ukraine plane’’


3 Tanker Explosion: There have been a series of deadly tanker explosions in the year 2023. The latest of them is the one that happened yesterday in Lagos involving a gas tanker. Fortunately, tragedy was averted because there was no casualty. This has fulfilled the prophecy of Primate Elijah which he shared in this prophecy for 2023. In the 78-page book, Primate Ayodele stated that he foresees gas leaks, gas explosion, tanker explosion, etc. in the year.

‘’Oil and Gas: Pray against gas leakage, gas explosion, tanker explosion, Otedola’s bridge, Ibadan express road, tanker’s strike, tanker creating problems. NUPENG AND PANGASSAN can also go on strike’’.

4 Building Collapse: On Sunday, a 500 room building collapsed in Lagos, leading to the injury of two people. Still in his July prophecy, Primate Ayodele mentioned building collapse among other warnings. This has fulfilled his prophecies too.


5 Earthquake: The world has experienced a great earthquake that led to the death of several people. We recently experienced the one in Morocco which Primate Ayodele was referenced for foretelling it. Another happened in Central Italy yesterday though there was no immediate damage. However, whether there was damage or not, the fact remains that Primate Ayodele foretold it. Confirming the incident, firefighters wrote on X, formerly Twitter, that frightened residents had been calling emergency services but “no personal injuries have been reported at this time”.

The mayor of Marradi, Tommaso Triberti, told Rainews24 television that firefighters were conducting checks inside private homes.

“There is a lot of concern. All the people are in the street but no particular damage has been reported.” he said.

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