April 17, 2024

Remove ASP Adewole Because We Are Fed Up Of His Recklessness In Omi Adio Police Station – Residents

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Residents of Omi Adio community in Ido local government area of Oyo state have cried out to the Inspector General of Police, (IGP), Oluwakayode Egbetokun, and the Commissioner of Police in Oyo State, CP Adebola Hamzat over alleged continuous intimidation, harassment, brutality and extortion of innocent residents of the area by one Assistant Suprientendent of Police (ASP) James Adewole, who also doubles as the Station Officer (S.O).

The security personnel is said to be attached to Omi Adio police station.

They are asking the IGP to order an investigation into the alleged unprofessional conduct of the police officer.

According to one of the community members who preferred anonymity said, ” It is quite regrettable that this police personnel had for long dropped his core duties for the unusual. Corruption is synonymous with him. Civilians beget undue intimidation, harassment, extortion, injustice, molestation  and all sorts of plagues from this officer.

He posited that ASP Adewole has become irresponsible, extremely corrupt and a nuisance at Omi Adio police station.

“He treat the poor differently from the rich. What is quite most shocking is the fact that all bids to sanitise and bring him to caution have been futile.

“This makes one wonder whether the personnel have become above the law, or whether there are no practical measures to address the scourging issues from the police to civilians as well as the society as a whole.

“Worried by the above issues, which constitute plagues to civilians and the society at large, we want to implore and rouse the attention of the government, police authorities and all to halt these rising issues. We call on the government and police authorities in particular to permanently check these issues through efficacious and operational legislations against any unethical and unprofessional acts of police personnel, sparing no defaulters.

Another resident of the community,  Mr Adekunle Olaoluwa, said he was shocked that a trained police officer with the rank of ASP would take directives from a complainant and jettison professionalism in the discharge of his duty.

“To make it worst, he is known to be  a promiscuous person as he goes after other people’s wife in the community.  Like for example, there’s a colleague of his by the name ASP Idayat Adegoke, he made sure the husband, Adegoke Yussuf who serves at Mokola Police Station, ran away from her because he was dating the woman. The husband of this officer had to dump her for ASP Adewole when his life was being threatened. You can see how dangerous he can be.

He accused the police officer of taking laws into his hand.

Olaoluwa posited that “I want to implore the Oyo State Commissioner of Police to act fast on this issue as we in Omi Adio community is calling for his transfer because we don’t want to take laws into our hand.

“He’s a nuisance to the community. If we have 200 of his type in the police force, things would have gone bad in the division of such people. We are appealing to the Commissioner of Police to hasten his redeployment from Omi Adio division because we don’t want him again in this community as he is portraying the Nigerian Police Force as a corrupt organization and also  sees it as an avenue to become rich by all means.

“I am bold to say the reason why he’s so corrupt is not far fetched. He organised a daily contribution which is being paid to a daily contributor specialist that comes to the station daily to collect their proceeds which at the end of the day the person will remit.

“We as a community are begging the Commissioner of Police to quickly as a matter of urgency come to our aid by transfering him from Omi Adio division because he has really constitute a nuisance.

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