July 14, 2024

Revealed! Most Accurate Prophet of The Year 2023

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The year 2023 started with palpable fears and anxieties as Nigerians were eager to know what the year had in stock for them especially since its general election period. These trepidations were further heightened by heart-quacking predictions from notable clerics who churned out diverse prophecies on why President Tinubu will not win the election. However, one notable voice stood out like a voice in the wilderness who insisted Tinubu will win the election as revealed by God. He said God revealed to him during his 2023 prophecies that there will be a win and gain here and a loss there and that concerning the presidential election, he sees the most criticized and hated candidate emerging winner under the permissive will of God.

That lone voice in the wilderness that has been adjudged the most accurate prophetic voice in 2023 is the clergy with the prophetic mantle and Abuja-based General Overseer of Royal Champions Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla.

Interestingly, even when most major religious leaders were prophesying something else, he stuck to his revelation that Tinubu is the major factor in the equation of things in the 2023 election.

It would be recalled that during his prophetic release for 2023 said God told him Tinubu would be a great factor in the forthcoming 2023 election. “God said something to me that is very deep. The man called Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a factor in the equation and you can not remove him and you cannot push him aside. You cannot drive him backward or push him aside, except God pull him out of the equation. You cannot remove him by human means. If you push him aside, you will know that a factor has been removed from the equation, the only thing that can move him is God. Only God stops him. I’m not speaking in favor of anybody but I’m saying what I’ve seen and will leave the rest for God,” Prophet Iginla said.

And of a truth, the road to Victory for Tinubu in the just concluded 2023 election was tarred with twists and turns. It was a journey filled with betrayals from loyalists. At a point, his Victory looks like a mirage but the clergy’s message keeps resounding clearly that Tinubu is the major factor in the equation. And it came as he accurately predicted.

Aside that, Iginla had predicted that Governor Wike would be a major factor to reckon with ahead of the last election. Wike’s name ricocheted audibly as the APC presidential candidate won the election in Rivers State in what many analysts ascribed to Wike’s impact. He had noted that the governor would play a major role in deciding Nigeria’s destiny. “Wike’s political destiny is not yet over; he will play a major political role in the destiny of this country, the star is on his head somehow. He should watch over his health too and avoid being poisoned. Like I said, Wike is a factor,” the prophet said. Infact, as stated, Wike was the first governor to have become a minister in the ruling party after leaving office despite being a major voice in the opposition. Also, his political relevance became obvious with what played out in Rivers state.

Furthermore, his prophetic warnings concerning Kaduna state, Benue State, Plateau state, Enugu state, Abia State, Cross River came to pass as he warned that as the election goes, the parties holding those states should be prepared and not be over confident so that we won’t have surprises, and that the parties ruling the States like Rivers, Lagos, will retain the seats.

Another notable fulfilled prophecy of Iginla was the issues of the former CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele. IN his prophetic release in January 2023, he revealed that the CBN Governor should pray well because he sees hard times coming ahead of him. And everyone could attest to the inglorious exit, shameful arrest and detention of Emefiele.

Interestingly, Iginla was the prophetic voice who accurately predicted the major waves of military interventions we witnessed in several african countries in 2023. Aming his prophetic release for 2023, he said, “I see military interventions in most African counties between now and 2028’’. He specifically mentioned the incident in Gabon will occur arou nd August 2023 and it was so. Coups in Niger republic, Gabon amongst others attest to the fact that Iginla has become the most accurate prophetic voice in 2023.

Truth be told, Iginla has been a consistent accurate prophetic voice for a while now. He has become a global voice that is fearless, daring and unshakeable.

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