July 14, 2024

Satguru Maharaj Ji Raises Alarm Over Landgrabbers Invasion Of Maharaj Ji Village

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..Says ‘Masked Men’ Attempts To Kill His Devotee

Satguru Maharaj Ji has raised alarm over renewed activities of some land grabbers trying to encroach on Maharaj Ji village, located along Ibadan -Lagos Expressway.

The Living Perfect Master urged the Nigerian government to wage war against land grabbing the same way  terrorism, kidnapping, drugs trafficking, money laundering, and corruption are being tackled.

He stressed the need for the Federal Government to amend the constitution to change the present punishment of fine for those found guilty of land grabbing to life imprisonments in order to serve as deterrence to prevent this dangerous trend of injustice and wickedness.

The criminal determination of some land-grabbers in Ibadan, targeting Maharaj Ji Village located on Ibadan – Lagos Expressway has been renewed.

It would be recalled that in July 2020, suspected land grabbers invaded the Maharaj Ji village and injured four of his followers.

After series of attempts made by criminals to seize vast portions of land from Satguru Maharaj Ji Village, court action was necessarily taken by Satguru Maharaj Ji against a notorious gang to have the legitimate and supreme legal authority of government to stop the hoodlums from further violating Maharaj Ji Village premises.

The suspected leader of the landgrabbing spree is headed by Ayo Akinade, Baba Ige and Ismaila Adeleke who are known to be notorious in Oluyole local government and Odo Ona Kekere.

Their renewed landgrabbing spree this time around also involves two women by the name Sussana Ikuologbon and Gogo Matami.

“On the 5th of April, 2024, while my devotee, a woman, was in the farm working, some of the thugs brought to the land by Ayo Akinade and his cohorts accosted her, bounced on her and grabbed her neck so as to kill her and was saying “You are lucky, don’t come here again, we are going to finish all of you one by one.

“By Maharaj Ji’s grace, she was able to overcome the killer that was wearing a mask, because another devotee of mine suddenly appeared and as a result, the masked man ran away.

“The landgrabbers have deviced a new strategy of grabbing land by force. They have vowed to kill any of Maharaj Ji’s devotee that they see on the land that does not belong to them.

According to Maharaj Ji, “about two days ago a very rich lady who goes by the name Sussana Ikuologbon and her partner both from Abuja, by name Gogo Matami, a lady too, entered our lands on km.10/9 Ibadan Lagos Expressway threatening to use her charms on anybody who dares to stop them from surveying the land”.

He explained that both claimed that they are agents of a Federal Minister, “who would want to put off the fake power Maharaj Ji is proclaiming”

Maharaj Ji explained further that: “The case in question is currently in court. Knowledgeable and right-thinking members of society know what it means to have a case or a subject-matter resident in court of competent jurisdiction.

“My commitment to abiding by the laws of the land demand that I bring to public notice and to the notice of the court system a fresh move being made by another band of hoodlums to hijack tracts of land off Satguru Maharaj Ji Village with the use of usual tactic   violence!

“The latest land-grab criminality launched against Satguru Maharaj Ji has one Sussana Ikuologbon as its ring-leader. She is said to be a rich woman based in Abuja. Her prime partner in this fresh criminal operation is a man bearing the name: Gogo Matami. Gogo Matami is also based in Abuja.

“In the course of her unlawful action recently carried-out on the premises of Satguru Maharaj Ji Village, Sussana Ikuologbon demonstrated outright contempt for law and decency, ranting aloud that she is packed with charms (‘juju’) and that she is ready to use them to neutralize Satguru Maharaj Ji!


“It is My firm belief that Sussana did not drop from the clouds into Nigerian society. Much as I seek decisive government intervention against her criminal appetite, I call on members of the family from which she emerged to take soonest action to salvage their daughter and sister from the path of self-destruction!

“Sussana Ikuologbon belched the claim that herself and Gogo Matami are agents of a Federal Minister who is a Christian and who is battle-ready to defeat what she referred to as Satguru Maharaj Ji’s fake powers. She went further to boast about having more than enough US dollars to relegate God as far as her land-grab criminality against Satguru Maharaj Ji Village is concerned.

“I choose to regard Sussana’s spiritual power rant as recurrent recklessness resulting from intense menstrual pain. Furthermore, I recommend that her vast arsenal of US dollars should be used to hire elite American psychiatrists to cure her of her seemingly frequent daytime madness that has degraded her womanhood to hooligan status. Indeed, this is My first time of encountering a female thug!

“I am most interested in having the land-grab mission of Sussana Ikuologbon, Gogo Matami and their principal appropriately terminated by Government! Same applies to other low-lifers who may be plotting to hijack land from Satguru Maharaj Ji Village.

“I reiterate that I have a case related to the land Sussana wants to steal with three-for-five-kobo ‘juju’ and physical violence being addressed by a court of competent jurisdiction. Who told Sussana that her criminal ambition is superior to the legal authority of a court of justice?

“The land in question is an owner-occupied property. Do Sussana and her accomplices intend to bully Satguru Maharaj Ji off the property? Is their criminal operation backed by deep and thorough background-check?

“I wish Sussana Ikuologbon and Gogo Matami the best of all that they have called upon themselves by disrespecting and desecrating the holy grounds of Satguru Maharaj Ji with their open threats of spiritual and physical violence. I assure them both that wherever they go and whatever they do, life will nolonger be the same for their interesting existence!

“I call on the Government of Oyo State and also on Federal authorities to arrest Sussana and her fellows and to compel them to stay away from Satguru Maharaj Ji Village, the exception being a visit based on sincere desire to be exorcized by Maharaj Ji. I am, as Divine Father, very willing to equip them with Divine Knowledge for the needed exorcism.

“Finally, I call on President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to commence a due process of escalating the punishment applicable to the crime of land-grabbing – a brand of terrorism that is as traumatizing and as deadly as the kind that Boko Haram and Miyetti Allah practice”.

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