July 22, 2024

Secured Records Set to Launch Identity Verification API Product – Dotta

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The new biometric verification API will enable e-businesses to verify customer identities in the digital product marketplace easily

Secured Records Management Solutions (SRMS), a provider of end-to-end document management and secured software solutions, has today announced that it will be unveiling its flagship identity verification product called DOTTA.

The product which is a biometric verification self-service solution aims to provide digital businesses and government organisations with a smart, convenient, and efficient way to perform real-time identity verification, including facial verification, and liveness checks while enhancing the identity verification process on both web and native platforms.

Speaking on the product, the Chief Executive Officer of Secured Records Management Solutions, Dr. Sam Nwosu, said, “Today, the world rides on innovation and we are excited to be introducing our API-based identity verification product which will help e-businesses and government organisations eliminate identity fraud in Nigeria. We have successfully tested DOTTA in the marketplace, and we are proud of its economic impact on our clients, and we have more exciting updates coming soon.”

Designed to verify and authenticate customer’s identity and reduce the tendency for fraud, DOTTA will reduce reliance on physical verification, save costs, increase the speed of service delivery, improve customers’ experience, reduce queues, increase efficiency, secure users’ data, and enable secure transactions. The software is equipped to help Fintech organisations, e-commerce, digital businesses, and Government agencies conduct a secure and smart identity verification process as they deliver their services to the marketplace.

Starting February, 2024, product managers and product developers working in digital product-focused companies who desire an effective way of eliminating identity fraud and making their products more secure can get a free demo of DOTTA. Sign up for a free demo today and experience DOTTA firsthand. Be among the first to receive free credit usable once API integrations are completed.

Get your free trial now by signing up at https://withdotta.com/request-demo

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