It seems the job of a service chief in Nigeria is a very lucrative one that even after you have retired, the benefits to enjoy will make you feel you are still in service.

According to a document obtained by SAHARA REPORTERS, The retirement benefits, if monetized will run into billions of naira annually.

Below are the benefits

“Retirement benefits for CDS and service chiefs; the following benefits shall be applicable; one bullet-proof SUV or equivalent vehicle to be maintained by the Service and to be replaced every four years. Two; Peugeot 508 or equivalent backup vehicle; three, retention of all military uniform and accoutrement to be worn for appropriate ceremonies.

“Also, five domestic aides (two service cooks, two stewards and a civilian gardener); an Aide-de-Camp/Security Officer; a Special Assistant of Lieutenant or Captain or equivalents or Personal Assistant; also, a Standard Guard of nine soldiers.

“Three service drivers; one service orderly; escorts (to be provided by appropriate military units/ formation as the need arises; retention of personal firearms (on his demise the personal firearm(s) shall be retrieved by the relevant Service and also; a free medical cover in Nigeria and abroad.”


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