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Starting a business in Nigeria takes a lot of courage and risk, but for Chief Adenike Olumide-Emmanuel, the otun Iyalaje of Ojodu land, who runs Selah Foods and Product Limited, going into Shea butter business is due to her passion to make positive impact in children’s health and wellbeing.

In an exclusive interview with National Monitor, she spoke on her growth plans for the product which she started in 2015, and how she hopes to introduce other initiatives.

According to her, for now we sell shea butter, but we are yet to start the food aspect of it. The product part of it is shea butter and we have a brand called shea baby which I run.

Speaking on efforts taken at emowering other women with business intelligence, Chief Olumide-Emmanuel said, “I also have an organisation where we bring women together every month, we train them on how to run their businesses, that one is called ‘opolo ati ewa’.”

She stated that the initiative is a female roundtable where women are trained mostly in entrepreneurship, business and self development.

“We teach them business ideas and business sense how they can take their businesses to the next level.

“As a member of Women in Business Management and public service and i’ve been with them for over 5 years, that’s where the initiative of my business idea came, and i need to extend the knowledge skills to other women out there,” she told our reporter..

“Opolo ati ewa started in 2020 when my husband gave me the go-ahead, that’s when i collaborated with intelligent people around me to kick start the project.”

Stressing further, the business savvy entrepreneur ide tified key challenges facing her business expansion to include the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, as well as adequate funding.

“Challenges we are facing is inability to get sponsors, because we are training them for free, we will be marking International Women’s Day and Opolo Ati Ewa will also be celebrating its anniversary.

“We are sharing gift on that day with Covid-19 measures, Dr Olumide Emmanuel, a common sense guru will come and speak with us. Also, we will be hosting Mrs Rita Tolu Oyedepo and many more who will come and educate our women on business development and strategies.”


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