July 22, 2024

The El’ On Tinubu’s Ministerial List

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By Bolaji O. Akinyemi

Sound is the strength of phonetics, words may have different spellings but once they sound similar, the hearer is confused by the intention of the speaker, El’ as a prefix to some names is necessarily not as confusing because once the suffix follows the prefix, the character of the bearer clears the confusion. The character of God is the neutralizer of the El sound in his name. When the word “El” is heard we just need to wait to know if it’s hell or heaven that will follow.

There is the inferred sound “Hell” in El Rufai, but it’s not all sound without fury! Thereby giving the hearer reason to worry, the character of the bearer is a complication of decision process for any sound mind whenever the name is heard.

The intellectual capacity and delivery of this individual is not in doubt. Give it to him, when a good job is needed to be done. A great motivator of people around him, with an uncommon penchant for excellence, routine and timelines. However to hell’s pit “greatness” we will be heading once in embrace of tribalism and bigotry. El Rufai remains the best man ever till date as Minister of FCT, an office more like the Governor of the Federal Capital Territory, except for the absence of Executive, which subsumes the activities of the office to the scrutiny of the National Assembly and the supervision of the Presidency. The sound “hell” in El Rufai wasn’t generating any confusion until it was heard from the Office of the Executive Governor in Kaduna State, North West Nigeria. It all began with the desire to trace his root and identify with his ancestral heritage. He travelled wide and deep into the forest and jungles of the subregion. Nebu walked on four in to the jungle like a beast, but returned back after 7 years with his sanity, the Bible recorded. The return of El-Rufai has left for us a question? Who or what returned from his jungle adventure. It’s no longer news that he boasted to have paid his distant cousins from the tax poll of the federal Republic of Nigeria. His reign as Governor of Kaduna State is there in the open, the horror of his tribalism will haunt the state for a long time to come. Done with the job of Governing Kaduna State, his hand over note was prepared in Hausa and handed down to the new Governor, Deputy Governor, Secretary to the State Government and the Commissioner for Finance, they must never come to the point where they will think that it was a political coincidence that they are Muslims; No! The holy war being politically fought through their political party, All Progressives Congress made it possible. This he boasted is the invention of Co Jihadist Governors in the North like himself. The status quo he charged them must not only remain, it must be advanced to the national level, this is the mystery of iniquity supported by Christian leaders. We may need to list them and their roles that fell the wall of the church for satanic politicians to trample on, if need be. That is the unseen hands, harlots on our watchtower who hosted the spies that made the Muslim/Muslim ticket our reality.

Please, this is not a lamentation, rather a reminder of how we got here and the slaughter slab we are ignorantly being led, to our trouble and that of our unborn children. Do I need to remind the people of Kaduna, particularly the Hausas in the State that if they were discerning, a man like him should never have had a vote of one right thinking human!

He told the world about the vengeful nature of his DNA, without mincing words, a 100 year offence will be paid for at the appropriate time by his tribe; the Fulani, could it be that an appropriate person and timing was found in him and his tenure as Governor?

In view of his hand over note, I never expected that Christian Association of Nigeria will go to sleep over such threats of evil pregnancy with his ministerial opportunity as the expected delivery date! Will CAN watch him go into the Senate Chamber, take a bow and be empowered by the state and its resources to fulfill what he is coming to do which he, his party and presidency has not officially denied, have you read a retraction written by El-Rufai addressing his claim to Islamization as an agenda of APC? It’s too late in the day for that to be demanded of him.

With all honour to the God of our faith and due respect to Pastor Paul Enenche who by divine providence is the Gatekeeper of the Federal Capital Territory, will El Rufai become a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under your watch?

Tinubu is as vengeful as a Fulani man, the Church will pay for turning their back on him, Abuja will be judged for denying him mere 25% of their votes and putting him in the legal predicament he found himself. EI’s appointment may be the opportunity for pay back. Just let us imagine him as the Minister of Works, FCT or Interior? I leave my presumption to your imagination. Occupy National Assembly, save the day now or run in the midst of your ruin for the day is fast approaching. Yours to walk into it or stop it. Many are bound to be worried about my safety as usual but not a strand of hair can be plucked off my head without his knowledge. I am as safe as He is! Please, be worried about yourselves.

I am off to the Hill of Zion to celebrate my 57th year as a citizen of the country Jehovah chose for me. On Zion’s hill I will lift up my voice to where comes my help in thanksgiving. My help is in the name of the Lord! See you in Gombe, Adamawa and Taraba for the Bolaji Akinyemi Kingdom Outreach (BAKO).

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