July 22, 2024

Tinubu’s Certificate: Much Ado about Nothing

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By Prince Uthman Shodipe-Dosunmu

The Nigerian political realm has gone far beyond the confines of acceptable civility, now roiling and twisting and fast degenerating into an embittered field where losers are no longer comfortable with the dignity of sportsmanship and quietly accept defeat and walk gently into the good night.

Even bitterness must have a cordon, a confined spatiality where we must accept what fate has thrust upon us.

It is foolish to play God when you know you are beaten. The enlightened sportsman wash off the bruises, seeks for balm of relief rather than a futile bashing of his head against an annihilating boulder.

Nigeria is full of hypocritical scribblers and tendentious hallelujah chorus who could argue with equivocal mouthing depending on the flourish of the season.

They would crucify and flagellate anyone in sponsored mercenary prattle, manufacturing hideous tales, spewing monstrosities to defile a foe.

Here facts don’t matter. Here truth is distorted , warped in dangerous , sadistic venom to destroy, to decimate, to vilify in the most heathen malicious tirade.

Selective truth is now an art. Pseudo academics , stripped of the rigor of enlightened articulations , have withdrawn into polemical thuggery, mistaken chaotic mud slinging for a debate, usurping riotous fury for pellucid engagement. Not true.

The Chicago expedition is obvious to the knowing as a failed, flawed, crude , sinister enterprise; a mockery of all that is decent and fair.

Nit-picking ; the widening of tiny human errors, the deliberate aggravation of our common flaws, does not ennoble. It does not elevate the sanctimonious. No !

It is the ultimate refuge of the malignant; the hate filled, the irreparably damaged cowardly loser, blindly scavenging for anything , anything at all , no matter how petty and incongruous, just to revenge and bring down the destined promptings of the hour.

Pray, what is in a diploma that is confirmed and affirmed by the designated authorities ? The clerical error that could creep into any document , the easily explainable typographical indications ?

Phew !

Atiku is pushing the bounds of civility. He appears woven in the incurable loser’s syndrome. Angry and bitter, mournful with unforgiving lust for vengeance.

But he keeps forgetting that God gives power to whom He wants at any particular time. This much is signposted in all the Holy writs. You can’t query the Heavens. Heraclitus is right : “The Fates are just. The gods give us but our own.”

It is true: The ways of God are not the ways of man.

The Waziri of Adamawa should know when to quit. Surely , the election is won and lost. There is a sitting President in the person of Bola Ahmed Tinubu. You may not like it . You may not approve of the man. But you can’t eviscerate reality if it is God ordained. The nation must move on. We can’t be halted forever on a solitary, intemperate, venomous crusade. When is Enough is Enough.

* Prince Uthman Shodipe – Dosunmu is the Oloriekun of Olowogbowo and Apesinola of Okolaba Ekun

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