Tribute to Our Irreplaceable Mother With a Large Heart

Death is inevitable. It is a supreme price that can never elude all living being. Its basically a living preparedness for its own mortality.

Just like a flash in the pan, going down memory lane, it’s been a loneliness since you bid the world farewell to meet with the Awesome Potter.

It is a mixed feelings for us your adorable Children, both of sadness enveloped with joy.

Reason for this is not far fetched, we buried our Jewel.

A month down the line has kept us in a melancholy mood, at the same time grateful that you are part of us, and we came to earth through you, because your large heart is extra ordinaire.

Your sojourn on Earth is well remembered, people that your path crossed together, have good tales to tell because you are a rare gem, awesome and your memory lingers on.

The way and manner you impacted our lives, profferred solutions to issues as was you as an ambassador of peace outlived you even in death.

We always disagree to agree and view things from different perspectives, but, no doubt, after our constructive arguments and criticism, we always reach an equilibrium.

You are more than a mother, you are a Sister, Friend. Aunty, Grandmother and a shoulder one can always lean on.

Mama FELICIA IBIRONKE OGUNDIRAN, (NEE OLAWALE) we can not believe you are no more, but your presence is always felt among us your children, grandchildren and extended families.

Oh death, Where is thy Sting?

Your thoughts and words of encouragement of a brighter, blessed and awesome future ahead keeps reverberating in thought till date.

It has however dawn on us that truly, the best trees don’t usually last in the forest, you are a typical example of one.

You could go any length to render assistance to people not expecting a payback.

As a mother, you repose confidence in us. You brought us out of our Shell, re-shapening our mentality, Orientation and broadening our horizon about people and the need to understand and take people for who they are.

Words failed us in eulogizing you our friend and Confidant, but, your legacies lived on and will forever be green in Our memory.

You are the Pearl of your generation. We find solace in the fact that you lived a fulfilled life, that puts humanity first.

Even in death we love you and will always do.

Adieu our Colossus and effervescent Mother….


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