July 22, 2024

Unleash Your Inner Detective: Top Crime Shows to Watch

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Romance and love dramas have their charm, but there’s just something about crime dramas. Unlike happy-ever-after stories, crime dramas show the real world, where good guys fight bad guys and every decision matters. They turn us into sharp detectives, allowing us to experience the thrill of solving a case.

So, if you crave this kind of thrilling escape, here are five must-watch crime series you won’t want to miss.

Law and Order: Justice is served one crime scene at a time on Law and Order. This long-running police procedural and legal drama follows detectives as they investigate serious offences like murder and assault. But the fight for justice doesn’t end there. The show takes you behind the scenes of high-stakes courtroom battles where determined prosecutors fight for convictions. Each episode is a self-contained story, so you can jump in at any time to experience the drama. It airs every day at 9:30 pm on Universal TV GOtv ch. 38.

The Equalizer: Single mom by day, vigilante by night. Robyn McCall leads a double life in this thrilling drama. A skilled ex-CIA operative with a buried past, Robyn uses her talents to become “The Equalizer.” An unseen guardian angel, who takes on impossible cases for those facing difficult situations. Don’t miss it; watch it daily on Universal TV GOtv channel 38.

Diggstown: This series follows the journey of burned-out corporate lawyer Marcie Diggs, who ditches her fancy job for a legal aid clinic after a personal tragedy. There, she fights for the underdog in cases of racism, poverty, and injustice. Joined by a passionate but complex team, Marcie navigates the legal system to make a difference. Catch the series every day at 7:15 am on Universal TV GOtv channel 38.

Hudson and Rex: Action and crime drama lovers are in for a treat with this series. Hudson & Rex is a crime-solving drama that hinges on the unlikely but effective partnership between Detective Charlie Hudson and Rex, a highly trained German Shepherd. The series follows them as they tackle puzzling crimes in the fictional city of St. John’s. Charlie, with his detective skills honed from a lifelong love of mysteries, and Rex, with his exceptional senses of smell and hearing, prove to be unstoppable. Each episode features a self-contained mystery, keeping the show fast-paced and exciting. Catch the excitement daily at 5:20 pm on Universal TV GOtv channel 38.

Tribal: The story follows a young, female Indigenous police chief, Samantha Woodburn, who leads the newly formed Tribal Police Force. Partnered with a jaded detective from the big city, they tackle crimes impacting the Indigenous community. But their pursuit of justice goes deeper than just solving cases. As they work together, they uncover a shocking hidden history of violence against Indigenous people. Tune in daily, from Mondays to Sundays, on Universal TV GOtv channel 38 to follow their journey.

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