July 14, 2024

Wellahealth: Transforming Healthcare Access Across Africa, one local pharmacy at a time

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Technology is playing a pivotal role in breaking barriers and ensuring Africans have

access to global standard services, and thanks to Wellahealth, healthcare is no


Wellahealth stands out, emerging as one of the top tech platforms for over 2000

pharmacy partners across Africa. With a commitment to transforming healthcare

delivery, Wellahealth is making significant strides in bridging the gap between

pharmacies, healthcare providers, and patients.

Wellahealth’s impact is clear in the modernised operations of pharmacies across the

continent. Their platform allows pharmacy partners access to advanced tools for

inventory management, fulfilment management, claims processing, and chronic

disease management etc., to serve over 200,000 customers in Nigeria alone.

This not only enhances the efficiency of these pharmacies but also contributes to an

improved overall healthcare ecosystem as Wellahealth has paid out over 1 billion

Naira to their partnering pharmacies impacting up to 30% of generated revenue.

Wellahealth’s commitment to augmenting access to healthcare services is a

testament to its impactful presence. Their technology ensures the seamless

availability of critical medication and health products by creating a network that links

pharmacies to a diverse range of patients. This becomes particularly transformative

in underserved and remote regions where conventional healthcare access has

historically been constrained.

Earlier this year, the health technology startup organised its first ever HMO

Roundtable with thought leaders and players in the healthcare sector including

Health Maintenance Organizations, Community Pharmacies, Pharmaceutical

Manufacturers etc. The company has continued on a path to help build a sustainable


“Before Wellahealth, we struggled with getting customers that are not within

walking distance of Hanwill Pharmacy, Lagos Office. After joining the partnership, we

quickly saw over a million Naira revenue, in a short period, just from Wellahealth”,

Ekomobong Hanson, Hanwill Pharmacy’s CEO, a Wellahealth Partner Pharmacy

shared. “Today, most of those customers are regular walk-in customers”.

Similar testimonies have been shared by founders and staff pharmacists at OSBUD

Pharmacy, Alpha Pharmacy, Nett Pharmacy, and FountainMed Pharmacy. For Nett

Pharmacy, they were awarded the first Patient Safety Award in 2022 for their role in

collaborating efficiently with other health professionals and doctors to ensure a

patient got the right prescription.

Wellahealth goes beyond mere connectivity by ushering in a digital transformation

for pharmacies. The platform enables these healthcare providers to embrace

technology seamlessly, empowering them to offer online consultations, digital

prescriptions, and home delivery services. This not only caters to the changing

demands of consumers but also positions pharmacies at the forefront of modern

healthcare practices.

“Community pharmacies are the closest to the general public in Africa. You can find

them everywhere. In fact, they are the first point of contact for most homes.” Dr

Ikpeme Neto, Wellahealth’s Founder and CEO shares. “At Wellahealth, we believe

that by empowering pharmacies with tools, training and technology, we’d help them

become professional and better serve the tens of thousands of patients we sent to

them monthly and the general public”, He added.

It is deeply rooted in the communities it serves. By strengthening the capabilities of

pharmacies, the platform becomes a catalyst for positive health outcomes. Patients

experience improved access to medications, timely healthcare advice, and the

convenience of remote consultations – with more than 600,000 prescriptions

dispensed, all contributing to a healthier and more resilient society.

As one of the top tech platforms for pharmacy partners, Wellahealth is helping shape

the future of healthcare in Africa. The fusion of technology with traditional pharmacy

services not only meets the present demands but also lays the foundation for a more

robust and responsive healthcare system for years to come.

“Our vision is clear: bring healthcare to the doorsteps of every home in Africa.

Wellahealth’s Pharmacy Operations team plays a vital role in achieving this by

combining local community knowledge and key partnerships like the Association of

Community Pharmacies of Nigeria. Through our products like the Wella Partner App,

tools for chronic disease management and customer engagement like Wella

Engage, and training, we have brought huge returns for pharmacies, better health

management for patients and exciting outcomes for our HMO partners. We are

confident in the success of pharmacies, bringing us closer to our mission.” – Joseph

Okoroafor, Wellahealth’s Marketing Executive

By empowering pharmacies with technology, Wellahealth is not just facilitating

transactions; it is fostering a healthcare system that prioritises accessibility, efficiency,

and community well-being.

As Wellahealth continues to expand its reach, the team is ready to play a role in

reshaping the narrative of healthcare in Africa.

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