July 14, 2024

What Primate Ayodele Said About Nigeria’s Economy, Security In 2024 Prophecies

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There will never be a time when Primate Ayodele’s name will stop popping up in 2024 because of his prophecies about Nigeria’s economy and security, among other things in his New Year prophecies which were released on Friday, 22nd Of December, 2023.

When these prophecies were released, pro-government individuals saw them as threats and perceived Primate Ayodele as an opposition but at the moment, whatever perception it is they have about Primate Ayodele doesn’t matter, everything he has said especially about the economy and security have come to pass within the first month of the year.

On Economy, Primate Ayodele as captured by TRIBUNE NEWSPAPER said that a dollar will rise to N1,400 against the Naira and that the economy of Nigeria will be gloomy. He started by telling Nigerians that they will need to pray to God because this government needs help. He had earlier said that picking a wrong president will lead to a serious issue in the country and in all sincerity, that’s what we are experiencing. He went as far as saying the Cefa will become stronger than Naira and it has happened already.

He made it known that the economy will be fluctuating and that the palliatives will not add any positive impact to the sorry state of Nigeria’s economy. All of these have come to pass.

These were all he said below:

NIGERIANS need to be watchful, prayerful, and constantly appeal to God. The government needs help. If the government refuses to listen to God’s warning, it is bound to get into problems. The Bola Tinubu government is out of line. When I warned that voting for an All Progressive Congress federal government would lead to calamity and storm, many people felt I was talking rubbish. With all the economic formulas that the current government is postulating, it can’t get a correct model that will help the country. The World Bank and the IMF have killed Nigeria’s economy. If President Tinubu continues to listen to them, Nigeria will die. There is still payment of fuel subsidy. Tinubu cannot play with a subsidy. The complete removal of subsidies will result in complete economic trouble. We cannot buy fuel for N100 anymore. They are lies.

I foresee that under the current realities, the cefa will be stronger than the Naira. Also, the dollar will rise to N1400 and this will shake the economy so badly that some forces are hell-bent on frustrating the Tinubu-led Federal government but they will not be successful.

The economy will be fluctuating (rising and falling} to the extent that the Central Bank of Nigeria will cry out. The opposition will take several steps to fight the present government but they will miss their strategies. Government palliative is part of the things that are ruining the economy and has not added anything good to the economic revival. I foresee the Nigerian economy will fluctuate, it will be unstable and inflation rates will rise astronomically. The economic stability will crash down to very low levels even though the Central Bank of Nigeria {CBN} and the federal government will be working to find a way forward. I have not seen anything better, for the future looks gloomy.

In 2024, the government must reduce the price of food commodities; giving out palliatives is a fraud; it is a scam. There should be food markets in various states for genuine food palliatives. The price of a bag of rice can be reduced to N20,000. We must also improve our road infrastructure. These would make Nigeria better. God still insists that Tinubu is his plan but not his purpose for Nigeria. The cost of living will become unbearable in 2024 if the government refuses to do what is needed. There will be a shortage of water. We are smiling and suffering. Prices in essential commodities will rise.

Primate Ayodele to Nigerians: 2024 is gloomy, dollar will rise to N1,400

On Security, Primate Ayodele said insecurity will not end in the new year and adviced security agencies to be well equipped because of what was coming. He mentioned that the country must pray not to experience a religious crisis while also mentioning some states that will be affected more by insecurity.

Everything he said about insecurity is also coming to pass. There has never been a time when kidnappers operated everyday in Nigeria like they do now. January 2024 has seen a number of kidnap attacks that wasn’t even experienced for a whole year in 2023. It would also be recalled that Primate Ayodele mentioned in his prophecy that kidnapping will take a new dimension in 2024.

These were his words:

They cannot end insecurity in 2024. The police and other forces must be equipped. There will be another unguided missile attack that will kill civilians. When this repeats itself, people would insist that it was orchestrated. If there is an adjustment in the war against terror in Nigeria, then it will work. The government must create employment opportunities; this will help in the fight against insecurity. We must also look at the issue of state policing again. If there is food, infrastructure, and electricity, then things will pick up. A cashless policy will destroy Tinubu’s government. We must pray against religious and ethnic war in Nigeria. A prominent African president will escape a bomb attack. Let us pray that Customs officers will not be attacked. The head of the NIS might be changed. Some people will rubbish the efforts of the EFCC chairman. More insecurity in the North. Benue, Plateau, Abuja, Ondo, and Kogi will experience more insecurities.

Primate Ayodele to Nigerians: 2024 is gloomy, dollar will rise to N1,400

This article isn’t meant to celebrate the fulfillment of these prophecies but to call the attention of the government to what is happening. The man of God has sent these warnings since December and one would have expected that the government works on them to prevent them from happening for the sake of Nigerians but what do we have here? Gross neglect by the government leading to more hardship in the land. It’s sad.

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