June 14, 2024

2022 And Alerzo’s Plan For Informal Retailers

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Nigeria’s e-commerce ecosystem has experienced significant growth in recent years. While the B2C platforms have enjoyed the most attention, the last two years have been that of remarkable leap in the B2B sector of the industry. A notable performer in this league is Alerzo Limited, a rapidly growing B2B e-commerce company that has impacted Nigeria’s informal retail landscape by digitizing the inventory process for informal retailers in the country. 

Within 24 months, the company has not only connected Nigerian retailers directly to manufacturers, it has also exposed them to the ease and convenience that shoppers enjoy on B2C platforms. From huge savings on cost of products to free delivery, Alerzo is helping retailers save more, thus improving their profit margins.

As businesses brace up for the new year, Alerzo said it plans to do more than the two previous years combined. According to the chief executive officer, Adewale Opaleye, the company aims to consolidate its achievements by engaging in education and sustainable energy initiatives for retailers on its platform and their host communities.

Opaleye revealed that as an innovative e-commerce brand, retailers can look forward to the launch of its fintech products, which will also help drive financial inclusion and saving culture among retailers in the country. Opaleye said: “we are building systems towards financial inclusion for our retailers through our soon-to-be-launched, Alerzopay platform. Through the platform, we aim to encourage a healthy saving culture and access to loan facilities. We envision our platform hosting financial inclusion initiatives that national and international organizations wish to roll out.”

In addition, the company said part of its vision is to own sophisticated warehouses that will enable it to offtake mass products from international manufacturers and sell to retailers on the platform at affordable prices.

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