June 14, 2024

7 Programmes On GOtv to Share With Your Sweetheart this Valentine

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If you are looking for romance wey sweet pass chocolate, then you have come to the right place!
There is an offer GOtv Nigeria is rewarding their customers with and it’s called GOtv Step Up, which
gives customers on GOtv Jinja who upgrade to GOtv Jolli a boost to GOtv Max, which is worth
N3,600. Likewise, customers on GOtv Jolli who upgrade to GOtv Max get the brand new GOtv Supa
package, worth N5,500! The boost happens within 48 hours.
This offer will allow you to watch all the lovey dovey programmes below and more available on GOtv.

So, grab your loved ones or your sweetheart and have a weekend filled with love!
1. Happy Hearts Season 1: A drama-filled telenovela. This is a story about a girl called Happy,
who faces life and trial with a positive and contagious spirit but when she meets Rocky, he
whole life changes forever! Will her life change for better or worse? Find out daily at 8pm on
Star Life (Channel 23). Available on GOtv Max.
2. The Rishantes Season 1: A local drama. For those who keep up with The Rishantes, we are
sure you have come across the chaotic cobwebs of love and also love that makes you go
‘awww’. Make sure you don’t miss another episode of this thrilling series tonight! Catch
weekdays at 8pm on AM Urban (Channel 6). Available on GOtv Supa.

3. Return To A Better Tomorrow: For the action lovers. An adventure that delves into the dark
caverns of the underworld and tells the tale of three gangsters who attempt to escape the
powerful clutch of their gang leader. Catch this movie this Saturday, 12 th February 2022 at
6pm on KIX (Channel 19). Available on GOtv Supa.
4. Hire A Man: A local love story. It’s been competition right from the get-go between two
sisters. One finds out the other is engaged and she hires a man to play her fiancé, then the
unexpected happens. Tune in on Sunday, 13 th February 2022 at 9:30pm on ROK (Channel
7). Available on GOtv Supa.
5. Nigerian Idol Season 7: A singing competition. You get to watch some on the people
auditioning singing love songs that might fill your heart with love or maybe get you laughing
nonstop. Either way, you and your loved ones will have a great time! This airs on Sundays
at 7pm on AM Urban (GOtv Supa Channel 6) and AM Family (Channel 2). You can also
catch all the auditions from day one and the behind the scenes episode on Nigerian Idol
extra, airing daily on channel 29.

6. Tailor My Heart: A local love story. A skilled tailor for men’s clothing, accidentally uses the
wrong measurements to sew an outfit for an arrogant man. This leads to a chain of
confrontations which leads to an unexpected attraction. How will this story end? Tune in on
Monday, 14 th February 2022 at 8pm on ROK (Channel 7). Available on GOtv Supa.
7. A Weekend With The Family: A rom-com about family and classism. A lawyer, aspiring to
move to a big firm, is secretly dating his boss’s daughter and when she plans a surprise
gathering, their families clash. Find out if their families find common ground on Monday, 14 th
February 2022 at 8:30pm on M-Net Movies 4 (Channel 3). Available on GOtv Max.
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